How was your Labor Day Weekend? Carson Wentz got a new job. Went from being the third-string guy in Philly to the starter after the Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings for a 1st round pick next year and a 4th round pick in 2018, that could go potentially higher.

Considering major trades rarely happen in the NFL, this was quite a move. After they lost Teddy Bridgewater for the season, they could’ve mailed it in. Instead, they’re going all in. GM Rick Spielman took off his watch, took out his car keys, and tossed the deed to his house on the table and pushed them all to the center with this move. Incredible swing. And I respect it.

But for who and for what I have no idea. There’s always another team that thinks they can fix this guy, unlock his talent and keep him on the field. Problem is, the next one that can actually do it will be the first. And the Vikings obviously think they’re that team. Just as they think they’re pretty close to a Super Bowl, or there’s no way in hell they make that move. Either that or they feel like their window with Adrian Peterson is closing and they want to do whatever they can to give themselves a shot.

You know they’re thinking, we have a good defense, the best back ever, it’s not like we asked Bridgewater to do very much last year and we still won the division. And we’re not going to need Bradford to do much either. Screw it, the Eagles need a first and a conditional fourth, give it to them.

Again, I respect that they’re doing what they can to save their season, but is Bradford really that much of an upgrade over Shaun Hill? Not much, and certainly not enough to justify a first and a fourth to get him.

I mean, the guy is nothing more than a rental… unless the Vikings know that Bridgewater will not only miss all of this year, but won’t be ready for the start of  next year either.  Even more of a gamble when you consider, Bradford almost never plays 16 full games himself. Then again, I try to see both sides of any angle. And you know the Vikings know a helluva lot more about Shaun Hill than I or anyone else does. And they know Hill and Joel Stave are left in the two deep. And maybe deep down they’re thinking they’re not winning the Big 12 much less the NFC with those two dudes.

The NFL is all about winning games, not hoarding draft picks. Ask the Browns how having all those picks have worked out. And if the Vikings make the playoffs, they’ll be more than happy to upgrade the conditional to a higher pick to ship to Philly.

If you’re Philly, I see why you make that deal. Hell, you probably make that for a first rounder straight up. And maybe even less than that. But if you’re an Eagle veteran, how do you feel about it. Sure, these guys like Wentz and are saying all the right things about him now. But what choice do they have. The team is telling Wentz, you’re the guy, we drafted you for a reason, the gig  is yours, whether you’re ready or not. And obviously he isn’t. No one would be given the circumstances.

There’s no way this guy is ready for the opener. Luckily, their opener is against Cleveland. If you’re the Eagles, you make that trade all day long because you’ve already drafted your would be qb of the future, and you get a first rounder and a fourth or maybe even better than that.

If you’re an Eagle vet or an Eagle fan, you can’t be all that happy about this, because under Bradford, you at least had a shot at the playoffs this year, but under Wentz, you have almost no chance to play in the postseason this year.

And as for the Vikings, I respect that you took such a big swing and told everyone in your locker room and your fans, there’s no way in hell you’re giving up on the season. But just know there’s no guarantee with Bradford and you probably gave up a lot more than you received in dealing for him.


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