Your favorite story of the week has been former NFL’er Bruce Miller wrecking the face of a 70-year-old for not giving up his hotel room. No matter how hard I try to get away from it, you keep coming back to it because for some reason, you think it’s hilarious that an NFL player assaulted a senior citizen in his hotel room.

Well, you got your wish. Because now there’s more news about Miller and it turns out that his Labor Day weekend was even worse than initially reported.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, before he was assaulting retirees, he was getting worked up in a local grub spot. Let me read the opening of the article word for word: “A few hours before former 49er tight end Bruce Miller was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, he was thrown out of Tommy’s Joynt after getting in a fight over a sandwich, a manager at the historic restaurant said Tuesday.”

Yep. Fighting seniors for a hotel room and fighting diners for a sandwich. Hell of a night, Bruce.

According to the manager, Miller showed up at the restaurant around midnight and then, according to the Chronicle, Miller stared at the buffet line for about 20 minutes, then approached the queue and “started arguing with guests over a sandwich.”

A food fight? Dude’s going HAM over ham? Getting into a beef over corned beef? Nearly went knuckle sandwich over a turkey sandwich. Give me your pastrami or I’ll give you these hands. What’s worse? Fighting with strangers over sandwiches or punching old dudes for hotel rooms. Either one of those makes you a really bad guy. Or a really drunk guy. Or a really disturbed guy. Or all of the above.

You’re an NFL player. Pull out your wallet and buy your own sloppy joe. I’ve checked out Tommy’s Joynt, it’s pretty moderately priced. A sandwich will run you $6.49. Hell, live it up and throw down a couple more bucks for the sando and mashed potatoes on the side. It’s not like we’re talking about Morton’s or The French Laundry.

But apparently, Miller had his eyes on the prize. And that prize was some dude’s sandwich. The manager said told the Chronicle “I believe he wanted their sandwiches. The guests were great. They were very calm and amused by the situation.”

And then I’m guessing he really wanted that hotel room. And those guests were a lot more amused than the 70-year-old with the broken face.

Mix in a Yelp and then Hotel Tonight. Buy yourself a sandwich and rent a hotel room. You’re an NFL player. Or at least you were. You shouldn’t be fighting strangers for sandwiches and punching out seniors for beds.



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