The New York Mets are signing Tim Tebow. Absolutely awesome. Wonderful. Golf claps all around. The team tweeted “We have signed OF @timtebow to a minor league contract. He will participate in the #Mets Instructional League.”

And of course they made sure to include a great headshot of Tebow’s quote, inescapable corn-fed handsomeness. Only shock there is that they didn’t lift that pic of him running shirtless with the Jets in camp.

So, it worked. It all worked. Not only did last week’s tryout, I mean audition, complete with head shots, work, but it worked so well that he got a team in the biggest market to sign him. But you knew it would. Of course someone was going to take a flyer on him. Why not? What do they have to lose?

But this feels like a Jets move, not a Mets move. Congrats, you’ve just joined the Bridgeport Bluefish in offering Tim Tebow a job. This feels like little brother trying to rip the back page headlines from the more established team in town. Except, the Mets were in the World Series last year. And they’re battling for a wild card right now. And they’ve got Bartolo Colon. He’s the coolest cat in baseball, and they go and spoil it all by doing something lame like this. A minor league move by a major league team.

Marc Carig, the Mets beat writer for Newsday, tweeted that the Mets press release cites Tebow as being All-First Coast by the Florida Times-Union. Awesome. But that was in 2005. You know who else was killing it in 2005? Mariah Carey and Three Doors Down. HD television was fresh in 2005. If you’re citing high school all-star teams from before the first iPhone, that’s a problem.

I’m normally #teamcontent. I don’t root for teams. Or any individual players. I root for content, for things that make the show interesting. But if you think Tebow signing with the Mets is a win for Team Content, you couldn’t be more wrong. Team Content just got no-hit.

It’s boring. It’s lame. And it’s tired. Tim Tebow signing with the Mets makes the Ryan Lochte story seem fresh and edgie. Bruce Miller arguing about sandwiches and punching out 70-year-olds is more interesting than Tim Tebow playing baseball. Hell, I’d rather talk about deflated footballs and NFL stickers missing from helmets than talk about this.

Good luck, Timothy. I hope the Florida Instructional League goes better than the National Football League. Just know that most of us couldn’t care less.


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