Barring a miracle, Joey Bosa won’t play in Week 1. Marty Caswell from the Mighty 1090 in San Diego tweeted “Joey Bosa says he’s feeling better (leg wasn’t wrapped) Says it’s “frustrating and annoying” he won’t play Sunday but “it is what it is”

The team hasn’t officially ruled him out, but he apparently has and so has logic. Of course he’s not playing on Sunday. He hasn’t played in pads as a Charger, so the last thing you’re going to do is chuck him out there in pads for the first time against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Except we all did. Because soft-tissue injuries follow holdouts like night follows day. Guy isn’t in camp, says he’s training on his own, shows up in camp, team and player say he’s in good shape, and then he pulls something, strains something, or has tightness somewhere. You can practically set your watch to it.

And given that pretty much everyone knew this was going to happen, the Chargers are saying exactly what you’d expect them to say in this situation. Coach Mike McCoy says he’s not worried this could become a long term issue. Yes, and no. Maybe not a long-term issue for Bosa, but it could be one for the Chargers.

Because now you can add: “one missed game” to the list of things the Chargers got from that long battle over offset language, a list which also includes bad PR, a decreased likelihood that Bosa will get off to a good start on the field, and damage to the team’s stadium hopes. Because that’s always been the most important thing here, or at least should have been.

The best way to win votes for the stadium is to win games. And the best way to win games is to have the third pick overall on the field. And now he probably won’t be. Hope that fight over offset language was worth it, because I know it wasn’t.


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