Hour 1

NFL Season Opener Reaction | Amy Trask (NFL) Interview | Cam Newton Head Shots


Hour 2

Brandon Ingram (NBA) Interview | Jim’s iPhone Problems | Arthur Moats (NFL) Interview


Hour 3

Arthur Moats Reaction | Bruce Miller Update | Denver’s Brandon Marshall Taking A Knee



Amy Trask

Former Raiders CEO on Al Davis: “He treated me without regard to my gender.”


Brandon Ingram

L.A. rookie on Kevin Durant: “He’s been my idol for a very long time.”


Arthur Moats

Pittsburgh linebacker on Kirk Cousins: “Extremely efficient quarterback.”



The NFL Is Back

Broncos 21. Panthers 20. Was that game any good?
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Concussion Protocol?

First game of the season always reminds you of one thing: there is a massive difference between the speed and power of NFL football and every other kind of football.
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Bruce Miller Update

And I know what a bunch of you are thinking, Yeah, yeah, the NFL is back, whatever, Rome, just give me a Bruce Miller update.
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