Info & Stats:  African American Sociologist

All Topics: Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest | Kaepernick being under attack after protest | Kaepernick’s socks weren’t the right move | Trent Dilfer telling Kaepernick to be quiet | Is the National Anthem the right time for a protest? | Kids want to be an athlete | The importance of Kaepernick’s follow through | 1968 Olympics

Sept 12th 2016

Dr. Harry Edwards joins Jim at the Levi’s Lounge.


June 6th 2016

All Topics: Passing of Muhammad Ali | First meeting Cassius Clay | First thought Ali was crazy | Athletes in Ali’s time were supposed to be seen not heard | Ali not falling in line of society’s expectations | Ali joining the Nation of Islam | Ali’s legacy

Dr. Harry Edwards talks about the passing and legacy of Muhammad Ali.


Sept 10th 2014

All Topics: Reaction to Baltimore riots | Principle issues of Baltimore riots | Freddie Grey | The riots have gone far beyond Freddie Grey | History of Baltimore problems | We need to understand this is an American problem | The word “thug’ | Labeling people | Athletes in this situation | Athletes in the 1960s |

The doctor talks about the Baltimore riots.


All Topics: Reaction to the Ray Rice video | Domestic violence in America | The Rice situation is horrendous | Callers on Jim’s program defending Rice | Women vs. Man | Rice could have killed that women | Rice made a ‘mistake’ argument | Criminal conduct is the right word to describe Rice’s actions | American society has a domestic violence problem | Roger Goodell’s dealing of the Ray Rice situation | Goodell not seeing the video until Monday | The first Rice video should have been enough for Goodell | The Ravens handling of Rice | Rice’s initial 2 game suspension | Rice’s future | Rice’s production the past few years | Ray McDonald situation

The doctor on the Ray Rice video: “That blow could have killed that women.”


Apr 28th 2014

All Topics: Outraged when he heard the alleged Donald Sterling racist audio tape |Sterling’s history of racism | I think David Stern dropped the ball on Sterling a long time ago |Thinks Sterling should be banned at first and the league should explore their options | Magic Johnson should buy the Clippers? | Sterling has said who he is on that tape | Clippers players | We’re talking about a sick old racist man | Dan Snyder

Harry talks about the alleged Donald Sterling racist audio tape.


Aug 2nd 2013

All Topics: Riley Cooper Video | Caught on camera saying something stupid society | You can say something racist without being a racist | Would have to believe Cooper’s not a racist | Philadelphia Eagles situation | Eagles needing to get over it and get on with it | Choosing the road you want to go | Cooper having no track record as a racist | N-word by blacks | Football environment | Cooper’s future with the team | It would be difficult for another team to bring Cooper in if the Eagles cut him | Dealing with diverse issues | Its crystal clear why blacks don’t like whites using the N-word |

The Doctor on Eagles wideout Riley Cooper: “I’d have to believe he’s not a racist.”


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