Waited 22 years to say this: the NFL is back in Los…. Actually, I can’t say it. Because I don’t know what the hell that was last night, but I know it wasn’t… NFL football.

This city hasn’t seen pro football in 22 years. But what I want to know is, have any of the guys rocking the Rams gamers ever even played football before? On any level? The Rams lost to the 49ers 28-0, but the sport of football was the real loser. That was a disaster. An unmitigated disaster. The kind of game that will scar everyone who played in it and watched it.

Sure, it’s just one game. But that one game could not have gone any worse… For coach Jeff Fisher. And star defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who got flagged for grabbing a guy by the neck, knocking his bonnet off, making contact with an official, getting ejected, and then slamming his helmet on the way off the field. Good guy, terrible moment.

Then again, you could see where he didn’t want anything to do with that debacle and just peaced out. Hell, I was smashing things and looking for a ref to throw me out of my own house just so I could get away from that disaster.

You know it’s bad when Nikki Sixx is calling you out on twitter. The Motley Crue bassist tweeted: ‘Number 99 Aaron Donald. You are better than this. You representing Los Angeles now.’ 

Damn…, what do you have to do to get on the wrong side of Nikki Sixx? That’s how you know you’re in LA. Tommy Lee wasn’t calling out the Rams when they were in St. Louis and neither was Vince Neil. Show up like that again this Sunday and C.C. Deville and the dude from Whitesnake are gonna be all over your ass.

And what’s it say about the number one pick overall, Jared Goff, that he wasn’t even dressed. Case Keenum was that terrible, and the number one pick overall couldn’t beat him out?!?.  Hell, never mind he couldn’t beat out a guy who finished the night with a QB rating of 35.2; he wasn’t even good enough to back him up. Never mind backing him up, dude wasn’t even good enough to dress for the game. The number one pick, on a team that looks like it’s destined to get it again, wasn’t even good enough to put on a uniform. That’s how bad they and he looked last night.

Even the Niners themselves were disgusted with the Rams’ effort. Linebacker NNaVorro Bowman said, “we came out expecting the Rams to play better than they did.”

Bowman helped deliver that beatdown and even he doesn’t want anything to do with it. They won by four touchdowns and he’s embarrassed by it. And so am I. By the end of the game, I was standing in my living room, chanting Beat LA. BEAT LA. And I’m a Los Angeles native!

And maybe your journeyman QB isn’t the answer, but that’s no reason to make their journeyman QB look like Joe Montana. That aint’ going to fly here. Especially in a town like this: Here, No Football is better than That Football.

The Rams had 10 first downs and 10 punts. That’s’s not good. In fact, it’s terrible. For the team and for everyone who watched it.

Is there anyone, anywhere, outside of the Bay Area that actually got through that entire game? Well, other than you St. Louis. St. Louis is probably planning a downtown  victory parade for later today. Nothing better than watching your ex embarrass itself on national television, eh St. Louis?

It got so bad there was some dude playing banjo in the stands. Think about that – how boring does an NFL game have to be for a guy to break into some bluegrass? The only thing missing was jug and some dude playing the washboard. At least those clowns would’ve been playing something because I know the Rams weren’t playing anything.

The Rams first home game is Sunday against the Seahawks and the plan is to light the torch at the Coliseum before kickoff. But if the game is anything like what we saw last night, you might as well light the torch and then burn the whole thing to the ground.



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