The LA Rams were wrecked by the Niners on Monday night and took an absolute pounding on Twitter throughout the game and after it. It was a bad night for the Rams on social media. But it didn’t start out that way. It’s not like everyone was lying in wait, ready to kill them. In fact, it was just the opposite.

There was plenty of buzz. Ryan Seacrest was rocking their gear on social media. The dad from Modern Family was getting amped. Even the gal from Two Broke Girls was posting a photo of her with a fake Jeff Fisher stache. Hollywood was all about the Rams. Virtually the entire town was all in.

Then… Monday night happened. And all the same folks and everyone else lined up to take a two by four to the Rams. Everyone who was anyone, and a lot of people who aren’t, were bashing the Rams on Twitter. Like Nikki Sixx who took the “disappointed dad” angle on Aaron Donald’s ejection.

And then there was Kevin Federline. Remember him? The former Mr. Britney Spears. A backup dancer who went on to such great accomplishments as appearing on “Celebrity Fit Club” with Sebastian Bach, Bobby Brown, and Nicole Eggert.

Anyway, K-Fed, formerly known as Well Fed, retweeted a pic of a stadium with a toilet lid photoshopped on top and the caption: “The 2016 Home of The LA Rams.” Dude!  Fire! K-Fed coming off the top rope.

You know it’s bad when Federline is piling on. And you know what, I’m drawing the line there. Seriously, people can criticize the Rams and Case Keenum all they want. And whatever you want to say about the team and their no-show Monday night, that’s fine. They deserve it. You don’t roll out for your first game in more than two decades, and get shutout on national T.V. say what you want, tweet what you want. They deserve it. But not from this cat. The Rams were an embarrassment. But not THAT embarrassing.

Toilet smack? From K-Fed? First of all, the pic isn’t even of the Rams stadium. In fact, it’s not even a football stadium. It’s a soccer stadium.

And secondly, it’s K-Fed. Stay in your lane, Federline. You’re the 2008 Detroit Lions of celebrities. You’ve got no room to be cracking anyone else. Before he took that run at the Rams, his last tweet was promoting an appearance in Arizona: AZ this Saturday at Salt in Glendale right across the street from Cardinals Stadium. Come get wrecked.

“Come get wrecked”? Seriously. Scroll just a few tweets further down and you get this beauty: Bout to order this pizza and get fat!!! That’s my guy. Stick to what you know: getting wrecked and getting fat. And keep the Rams out yo mouth and yo social media.

In the meantime, if the Niners did you like that on Monday night, what are the Seahawks going to do to you, with a short week preparation? One they’re down punching you in the face, get ready for every other F lister from Screech to Urkel to pile on.

This is not what the City of L.A. or even the NFL signed up for. Get it together y’all.


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