Info & Stats: Boston Red Sox Pitcher

All Topics: First season in Boston | Tight division coming down the stretch of the season | Starting against the Yankees this weekend | His pitching lately | Maybe pressing a little too much earlier in the season | Being mentally strong | Tunnel vision | Facets and drains | Wally Joyner | Boston being a dog friendly city | Ton of factors of why he went to Boston other than $217 million | Dustin Pedroia

Sept 15th 2016

David on the first part of his 2016 Season: “Just had so many stinkers in there.”


Mar 3rd 2016

All Topics: Signing with Boston as a free agent | Things that were attractive in Boston | Boston’s minor league system | Pressure in Boston | Thinks he is now ready for Boston | Red Sox fans | Tension between him and David Ortiz in the past | Seeing Ortiz for the first time this Spring Training | This being Ortiz’s farewell season | Ortiz embracing him | Ortiz is not a soft dude | Team bonding is in progress | His success at Fenway |

David on the pressure of playing in Boston: “I knew it came with the territory.”


Aug 18th 2015

All Topics: Transition to Toronto has been fairly easy | Trade deadline | This trade was a lot easier | Being a part of a very confident group in Toronto | Clubhouse | Grit in the clubhouse | Madison Bumgarner | It doesn’t get any better than Bumgarner’s Sunday | Not being able to hit in the American League | Bumgarner hitting four homers this season | Yankees’ pitcher Bryan Mitchell taking a line drive in the face | Bats going into the stands problems |

David on being traded to Toronto: “This was a team that I was pretty familiar with.”


July 1st 2015

All Topics: Confusion during his last start | Been throwing the ball well this year | Taking pride in every start | Team defense is very good | Wanting the batter out quickly | Ideal pitch count for him | Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh stopping by yesterday | Likes Harbaugh | SEC smack to Harbaugh | College bonds | Vanderbilt baseball is a brotherhood | Tweet about other pitchers being more deserving than he is of starting the All-Star game | Brandon Phillips | “Perfect Sit”

David on Vanderbilt baseball: “It really is a brotherhood.”


July 9th 2014

All Topics: Not finishing game in Detroit Sunday | Conversation with Joe Maddon | Going deep in games | Importance of getting out of last place | Being a great team | All Star Game with Derek Jeter | Facing Jeter | Handling trade rumors | New Jordans

David on handling trade rumors: “I’ve been in high school before. I’m used to rumors.”


Aug 27th 2013

All Topics: Beating the Yankees and C.C. Sabathia | The tradition of the Yankees | His record vs. C.C. | His relationship with C.C. | Texting with C.C. all the time | His approach | Pitching much better after coming off the D.L. | Not beating himself | Defiantly hands down a better pitcher this year | Matt Harvey | Thoughts and prayers go out to Matt | Asking Matt for a signed jersey | Elbow injuries | Innings | His work ethic | His dog, Astro | Astro is four and doing great |

David on his game now compared to last season:  “Defiantly hands down a better pitcher this year.”


Aug 31, 2010:

All Topics: Best record in baseball, but can’t shake the Yankees | AL East will probably come down to the last weekend | We want to win the division | Yankees are a team you put together on a video game | Our team chemistry is great; were all friends off the field | Learning from struggles of last season | Adjusting to 5 day rotation | Cy Young award | A lot of guys in the league are pitching well | Fans not showing up to the ball park | It’s tough not having a lot of fans | Team rotation is deep | Almost quit baseball in college | 1st year in college was tough for him | College baseball environment |


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