That wasn’t just a bad night for Rex. It was a terrible night. That’s the kind of loss that doesn’t just ruin your season and get you run out of Buffalo, but it keeps you from ever getting another NFL head coaching gig.

Who else is going to bring him in to run their team? He hasn’t had a winning season in five years and it looks unlikely that he’ll have one this year either. The dude can’t organize a 7 on 7 flag football game in the park at this point. He’s not a good head coach, he’s not even an average head coach.

I’d say he’s all bluster and hot air, but he’s not even that any more. After the game, he was a beaten man, in more ways than one. You know, He wanted this one so badly. More than anything.

Remember how he was celebrating that win over the Jets last year, spiking his headset and f-bombing everyone. He’s was throwing air punches so hard, I thought he was going to pop a shoulder. That game got them over .500, but he was acting like it got them to the Super Bowl. Because that was his Super Bowl. And last  night was this year’s Super Bowl. And he got hammered in his own house. On national television.

This was that guy just last November after beating the Jets: “I can tell the truth, this thing is kind of like being dumped by some girl you have the hots for. Every guy in this room has been dumped by a girl. You move on, and every now and then, they call you back. And they can’t have you back.”

Except they didn’t want you back, not then and not now. They fired you. And the Bills are probably going to do the same. And they’re not going to want you back either. Because this turned in a hurry. It wasn’t that long ago that the Bills and Bills fans were so fired up to have you as their head coach and now they can’t wait to get rid of you. When he showed up, rocking throwback jerseys, getting ink, and that custom paint job on his truck, dude was beloved. And now he’s despised. And it only took 18 games for it to happen.18?!

Every coach gets at least two years before the fans turn on them. Rex is 18 games in and he’s already lost them. Absolutely incredible.

He’s lost the league’s most loyal fans, and no amount of tattoos or custom paint jobs can turn it around. Coach em up big fella, and enjoy it while it lasts because the next stop is a D-Line gig.



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