To quote Rex Ryan himself: Here we are. HERE THE BLEEP WE ARE!

And where the bleep we are is 0-2. And coming off a really bad loss.

Don’t let the 37-31 scoreboard fool you, the Bills weren’t within 6 points of the Jets. That game wasn’t nearly that close. That was a national televised hospital job. Thursday night, national television, against a division rival, and Rex’s former team, this was a chance for the Bills to make a statement. And they did. Statement being: we’re done.

I’m not going to say the Bills season is over before most teams have played their second game, but it is. Since 1990, only 12 percent of teams who started 0-2 have made the playoffs. And given that they have Arizona and New England next, you can go ahead and assume 0-4. And only one team since 1990 has started 0-4 and made the playoffs and that was the Chargers in 1992, so that hasn’t happened in more than two decades and it’s not going to happen again any time soon. And especially not to a crew coached by the Ryan bros.

That wasn’t just a bad loss, that was a signature loss. It had all the hallmarks of a Rex Ryan loss. It had Rex’s DNA all over it. Dumb penalties. Terrible clock management. General befuddlement on the sideline. And a defense that flat out got its ass kicked. And Rex and Rob didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.

For a guy who prides himself on defense, that was a nationally televised depantsing. A catastrophe for the alleged defensive geniuses, Rex and Rob Ryan.

They just gave up 37 points and nearly 500 yards on the night that Bruce Smith’s number was retired. Allowed two receivers and a rusher to go over 100 yards. And made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Namath… and the guy with the alleged noodle, just sat back taking deep shot after deep shot, embarrassing the hell out of the Bills’ corners and Rex and Rob both. All night long.

How the hell is that even possible? How do you just let the Jet’ receivers running free in the secondary all night? Did Rex or his brother Rob make even one adjustment? Because if they did, I didn’t see. And if they did, it didn’t work.

Rex didn’t have much in the way of answers after the game either, saying only “We thought we could cover them.”

Right, and when it was clear that you couldn’t, what did you do? Because from the looks of things, the answer is nothing. But that didn’t stop Rex from reportedly telling CBS at halftime that his corners were the best in the league. Seriously? Best at what? Running guys down from behind? Getting abused on national television, at home in a must win game. If they’re that good, than the coaching must be that bad.

If you want to play man coverage all night, you better make sure your man can cover their man. And if you can’t, maybe you stop being so macho and change it up.

Wasn’t Rex the guy who said “we are going to build a bully”? Because that bully got punched in the face, repeatedly in its own house. The bully just got knocked the hell out.

The Jets came in and dominated and humiliated the Bills in their own house. That’s the Jets house now, because they went in took and did whatever the hell they wanted.  Held the ball for more than 39 minutes. And when the Bills tried to get tough and sneak it on 3rd and 1 in the fourth quarter, they got stuffed. Then they tried to draw the Jets offside, that failed, they wasted a timeout and then got stuffed again on 4th and 1. Brilliant tactics, Big Fella.


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