The most relieved guy in Jets gear right now has to be Darrelle Revis. Because after getting torched by A.J. Green for 10 catches on 10 targets for 150 yards, Revis was looking to come out strong against the Bills. He came out strong all right. A strong second place in a race to the end zone after Marquise Goodwin blew past him for an 84-yard touchdown on the Bills third play from scrimmage.


It’s one thing for A.J. Green to kill you, but Marquise Goodwin? Good guy, good interview, great long-jumper, and really fast… but not exactly a Pro Bowl receiver.

But that made it official. When teams break the huddle now, the first thing they do, is look for Revis. Tyrod Taylor went into that game with a two-step process at the line of scrimmage: point out the Mike and find Darrelle.

It’s a good thing Revis was busy getting burned on the field and couldn’t get to his Twitter mentions because it was ugly. Everyone has a peninsula, jetty, or traffic island joke. And he’s earned it.

And speaking of Twitter, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole tweeted: “As I reported earlier this week, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis didn’t work out hard this offseason. Source said ominously: “You’ll see. You’ll see”

Oh, we saw. We saw a guy who hadn’t scored a touchdown since 2013 blow past Revis like he was standing still. And you better believe the rest of the league saw that too. And from now on, it’s open season. The Bills have Arizona next and you better believe that Bruce Arians is going to go after Revis with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, John Brown, and whoever else he has. In fact, every team is going to do that until Revis stops them.

Teammate Brandon Marshall had his back after the game, saying “I stand in front of the world and I say: ‘Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in this league.’ That’s what I say. That’s how you support a teammate. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That’s what he is.”

I love the confidence in your guy. And yes, Revis is a Hall of Famer. But so is Dick LeBeau and I’m not sure I’d stick him in man coverage right now.

The biggest cliché ever is that Father Time is undefeated, but it’s true. Especially if you don’t work out hard in the offseason. And right now, it looks like Father Time is running a 9 route on number 24.


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