Just when you thought everything there was to be said about RGIII had already been said, we find another level. What if I told you that RGIII getting injured was actually a good thing? Sure, plenty of twitter eggs and message boarders ran that out there the second this guy hit the turf.

But that’s not who I’m talking about. What if I told you it was the Browns themselves who thought that. That the Browns are the ones who are happy Bob went down?

Well, according to Adam Schefter, there are those in the Browns facility who think that’s the case. And it’s not because they think they have the answer in Josh McCown or Cody Kessler. It’s because some believe that head coach Hue Jackson was focused on trying to make RGIII into the team’s franchise quarterback and that it was a complete waste of time and energy because pretty much everyone not named Hue Jackson knew that was never going to happen.

You can criticize a player all you want, but it’s completely next level when people within his own organization are saying that him getting injured is actually a good thing. Like, our starter got injured, but there’s a silver lining. And that silver lining is that he’s not our starter any more. That’s brutal. We were hoping our starter would get hurt. And now that he is, we can finally see what we have here. Only the Browns. Only the Browns.

That’s in line with what Jason Cole reported earlier this week, that there are those within the organization who have already lost faith in Griffin, because of his injury and his poor play. Damn, how badly do you have to screw things up to have some members of your own organization giving up on you after just four quarters of a regular season game? And that they can’t wait for that information to get out to reporters?

I’ve always said cheering for injuries is the worst thing a fan can ever do. But it sounds like people in his own organization were doing just that. It sounds like there might be some folks in C-town who were popping the Dom when Bob Griffin popped his shoulder. Thank goodness our QB1 is injured, now the season can really start.

Even worse, who’s to say they’re wrong. Because if Bob was taking up a lot of Hue’s time, that’s a problem. Because as good a coach as Jackson is, I’m not sure he’s good enough to turn Griffin around, because I’m not sure anyone is. And even if he could, I know he couldn’t keep him on the field, because nobody can do that either.

So in that case, maybe you should be pumped that Josh McCown is starting against the Ravens. And while Bob keeps saying “no pressure, no diamonds”, the organization is saying, no pressure to comeback.

Thanks for getting hurt. See you never again.


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