One of the biggest talking points of Week 1 around the NFL was the fact that the Washington Redskins’ $75 million cornerback Josh Norman did not cover the Pittsburgh Steelers’ top wideout Antonio Brown in Washington’s 38-16 loss on Monday Night Football. Many believe that at some point in that game, Norman, who considers himself to be the best player in the league, should have gone to his coaches and demanded to cover the All-Pro.

Until today, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Shareece Wright had not weighed in on the conversation, but seemed surprised Norman didn’t ask or tell his coaches he was changing assignments and covering Brown.

“If I’m the best corner, and I feel like I’m the best corner, and [Brown’s] torching our other corner or he’s doing whatever he’s doing, as a competitor I’m going to the DC like, coach put me on that guy.” Wright said. “I remember doing that at times in San Diego, when they didn’t match me up and the guy I wasn’t going against was making catches and doing whatever he wanted. I was like, yo coach, put me on him.”

Wright feels the only true way he can measure himself is by going against the absolute best.

“What’s the worst that can happen? Put me on that guy, I want to play against the best and that’s just the way you prove yourself as a corner,” Wright said. “You can’t lock down a number three all year and say you’re the best corner in the league. It just doesn’t work that way. I mean, as a player that’s how we look at it, and we talk in the locker room like yo, the best player should be against the best player every week in that sense. If you’re not it’s kind of hard to prove what you’re really about.”

The sixth-year corner said if he or his fellow cornerback is having a rough game, you have to put your ego aside for the benefit of the team.

“Personally, when I had that situation in San Diego, I went to the player first like yo, I’m going to tell coach to put me on him,” Wright said. “It’s just one of those days, nothing against you, not saying you can’t cover him, but like, let me see what I can do. Like, you had your chance, let me have my chance to go against the guy. If he’s a good teammate, he’s going to understand that. We’re trying to win at the end of the day, and if you’re not having a good day as a corner, than sometimes it happens, it happens to everybody.

“Everybody has those days where things don’t go their way on a football field, and as a player and a competitor, you have to understand that too.”


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