And the award for the most embarrassing game of the season thus far, goes to the Iowa Hawkeyes. North Dakota State came into Iowa City and knocked the Hawkeyes the hell out.

Sure, NDS is no joke. But a ranked team losing to an FCS school is. That doesn’t happen. At least it shouldn’t. Bison 23, Hawkeyes 21. Horns up, Hawkeyes down.

Just when you thought Iowa couldn’t suffer a more embarrassing loss than that 45-16 ASS-whooping they took from Stanford in the Rose Bowl last year, Kirk Ferentz has outdone himself AGAIN! How many times is this going to happen to this guy and that team? They just gave him an extension and a raise, and then he loses to a team who they were paying $500,000 to face.

Your money, your decisions, Iowa, but was it really worth it to shell out half a mill to get embarrassed like that? I get that Iowa likes Ferentz, but you can’t really like giving your guy a raise and then losing like that, right? Ferentz is a pretty good coach, and apparently can stay there for as long as he wants; but how many times is he and they going to get humiliated on the national stage?

And I get that North Dakota State are the FCS National Champs. I get it. But in this case, I just don’t care. FCS teams are not supposed to beat ranked teams. And that’s only the fourth time it’s happened in nearly four decades. So I guess if you’re Iowa you just tip your hat and say the better team and better program won.

Look, your program, your legacy, but if you really are going to schedule an FCS opponent, you sure as hell better beat that FCS opponent. And if you’re IOWA and you’re prone to melting down and suffering extremely humiliating losses then maybe you know the tomato cans you think you’re scheduling.

Again, Iowa has no business losing to an FCS opponent, but if they’re going to schedule one, maybe it’s not one that has won multiple national titles. And who routinely beats up on FBS teams. Know your cupcakes, Kirk. North Dakota State does. That’s why they scheduled you, K.

And Iowa fan, save it. Save it. And own it. Because that really happened. And that was a national embarrassment. And believe me, it won’t be your last.


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