It’s mid-September, which means baseball is heating up. In fact, it’s hotter than it’s ever been this season, because today is the day Tim Tebow starts out at the Mets instructional league camp.

And based on what Mets GM Sandy Alderson said when they signed him, if he’s in camp today, it must mean that he has the day off from his regular job of working on television. Because nobody is going to pursue their pub grab, errr dream, with the relentless passion of Tim Tebow. This guy’s going to be grinding 150 percent of the time, when he’s not working his day job.

And as Jon Heyman tweeted: “Just got Mets instructional league roster. Average age 21. Tebow: 29.1”

The rest of the guys have to be like, who brought their old man? That’s like a guy who graduated college 10 years ago, showing up and looking to hang with the bros in his old frat.

But you knew as soon as he threw on that 15 jersey and got out onto the field, everything would feel just fine. And it didn’t take long before Tebow showed his power and cleared the fence. One problem, it wasn’t batting practice.

Take it away, Jon Heyman: “Tebow just airmailed one from 45 feet. Over the throwing partner and fence. Not sure I’ve seen that before on this field.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that on a little league field. Dude just went yard with a throw. From 45 feet away. That’s halfway from third to home and he threw it over the fence. He’s actually less accurate with a baseball than he was with a football. How is that even possible? Never mind hitting big league pitching. He can’t even play minor league catch.

That’s not even long toss. And by the way, have you ever seen actual professional baseball players doing long toss? It’s the freakiest thing ever. They’re throwing lasers and not even putting anything into it. Just casually chucking it a couple hundred feet and hitting their target, while goofing around. They’re barely paying attention and they’re doing this.

If that report from Heyman is true, and there’s no reason to think it isn’t, that’s the most damning thing ever. Forget hitting, throwing a ball is literally the most basic part of baseball. It’s not like they’re asking Tebow to turn two, or look a runner back to second and then throw to first. They’re asking him to throw it to another person whose standing 45 feet away and he chucks it over the fence. How are you off by that much? I seriously can’t wrap my mind around this. I know Jon Heyman pretty well; I’ve had on my TV and radio shows, so I know there’s no way he would say it if wasn’t true, but it’s so whack, I have to ask if he got hacked.

I know it’s just the first day, but it’s time to pull the plug on the Tebow madness. Dude is a nuisance. I used to think the only thing he was hurting was his own reputation, but if this keeps up, he’s going to hurt someone in the stands. Stand down, Tim. You already have one of the best jobs ever. Go back to it, before you cost someone their eye.


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