The Cowboys did the Redskins dropping Washington to 0-2 and 0-2 at home. And we all know that teams that start 0-2 generally don’t make the playoffs. And the Redskins players know those numbers too because apparently, they have already turned on quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Profootballtalk reports, quote: “per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple offensive players have begun to complain about quarterback Kirk Cousins, point to a lack of decisiveness, erratic play and confusion.”

The source also went as far as to say about Colt McCoy, “at least he’d play with poise.” Uh-oh!! Cousins better make up for it now!!

That didn’t take long… Two games??!? These same teammates that are not apparently killing him anonymously were all hyping him coming into the season. Except they were doing it on the record. DeAngelo Hall has pretty much seen everything, and he told me on this show in June, he loved what he had seen from Cousins. And Hall wasn’t the only one: Ricky-Jean Francois came on later in the summer and said Cousins was doing the right thing in betting on himself.

But it’s easy to see why some of his teammates are freaking out now. Their $20 million dollar a year q.b. just got outplayed, in his own house by a rookie making just his second start.

Is this supposed to be Cousins’ idea of a contract drive? Look, no one has confused this guy with Dan Marino, but the things his teammates are apparently killing him for, or the things he was known for: playing with poise, composure, making good decisions with the ball and leading from the front. And he hasn’t done any of that in the first two weeks, putting them in a position now where they have to beat the Giants in New York to save their season. Literally, their season is over if they don’t win that game.

Sure, teammates have bounced back from 0-2 starts, but this Redskins crew isn’t making any run from 0-3.

They’re playing for their season Sunday morning. And I’m not saying Cousins is their only problem, but through two weeks, he’s far and away their biggest problem.

Maybe the pressure of playing for the big deal is getting to him. Then again, while he was never a physical freak, he was the guy that allegedly didn’t rattle: the guy the pressure wouldn’t get to. But now it looks like it is.

I know this: he doesn’t have the look of a franchise q.b., doesn’t have the look of a guy they should given a fat long term deal to. Not if this is who he really is; and not if his teammates would rather play with Colt McCoy. Maybe it’s just a bad start. He and they better hope so, because they’re playing for their entire season Sunday and any dream he had of that huge pay day is already circling the drain just two weeks in. But his teammates don’t like that!! They don’t like that!!


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