Hour 1

Hoodie The Non-Doctor | State Of Troy | Anthony Weiner Trending


Hour 2

Love For Wentz In Philly | Jerry West (NBA) Interview | Hood Emails


Hour 3

Fozzy Whittaker (NFL) Interview | Tommy Armstrong Jr. (College Football) Interview | Boadie Reaction



Jerry West

Logo on the 2016 NBA Finals: “Honestly, I don’t think the best team won.”



Fozzy Whittaker

Carolina running back on playing for the University of Texas: “Sense of pride.”


Tommy Armstrong Jr.

Nebraska quarterback on playing for Mike Riley: “It’s been great.”



Good Job, Good Effort, Reporter

We’re just over 24 hours away from the kickoff of Texans-Patriots in Foxborough tomorrow night and there’s still no word on who’ll be starting at quarterback for the Pats.
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A Complete System Failure At SC

Strange days at USC. Head coach Clay Helton is 1-2. He’s already making a change at quarterback. His special teams unit is trotting out 8 guys to stop point after attempts. And he’s spending mid-week pressers denying wild rumors.
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We’re only two weeks into the Carson Wentz Era and already the Wentz Wagon is about to burst.
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R-U Insane?

Hey, remember Rutgers athletics?
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