Info & Stats: Retired NBA Player and Hall of Famer

All Topics: Losing in last year’s NBA Finals | Felt like they had a better team than Cleveland | Draymond Green’s suspension | Injuries in the NBA Finals | Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with Golden State | Owners are to blame for Kevin leaving OKC | He himself would have left the Lakers at one time if he had the choice | Golden State’s culture | Chemistry with Kevin Durant

Sept 21st 2016

Jerry on the 2016 NBA Finals: “Honestly, I don’t think the best team won.”


Oct 19th 2015

All Topics: Enjoyed Golden State’s title for about a month | Everything went right for Golden State last season | Golden State fans are much better than L.A. fans | L.A. having more corporate fans | Doc Rivers’ comments about Golden State winning the title | Steph Curry | Steph is a great person | Team mentality this season | The West being so tough | Lamar Odom | Irregular heartbeat

Jerry on Golden State’ fans: “Best fans I’ve ever seen in my life.”


Mar 29th 2013

All Topics: Miami Heat winning streak ending at 27 games | The one weakness Miami does have is it’s not a great rebounding team | Thought the streak was great for the league | LeBron’s ability to guard 4 positions | Their 33 consecutive wins record | Their 71-72 Los Angeles Lakers team | Sees a lot of poor teams now | Their travel schedule in 71-72 | Would never root against Miami to lost during the streak | Pat Riley being a part of both streaks | LeBron complaining about the hard fouls he received in Chicago | The game is changing | LeBron does get hit hard, but he does create a lot of contact | How busted up he got | He just expected to get hit if he was having a good night | Learning how to fall | Golden State’s play | His expectations for this Warriors team at the beginning of the season | Getting Andrew Bogut back |

The Logo on Miami’s 27 game winning streak: “I thought it was great for the league.”




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