Hey, remember Rutgers athletics? You know, the school that had that basketball coach rifling basketballs at players’ heads and berating them? Then fired him for abuse. And then hired an athletic director who herself had been accused of abuse. Well, they’ve got a new athletic director now, Pat Hobbs, and, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, he’s just had to apologize for his actions over the weekend.

And what were those actions? Chugging a beer at a tailgate with students. Classy. Old dudes drinking with students is never a good idea, especially if those old dudes are university employees. I know you think you’re the cool administrator, but you’re not. Right…because in 2016 you’re just going to be able to pound a brew at a tailgate and not get caught on camera. Because he was going to get away with that….he wasn’t. And he didn’t. Roll it.


Did he say, “I am of age. If they card me, I’m okay. All right, go RU.”? Dude, R-U insane?

Former Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman can’t believe you showed up like that.

You’re the athletic director. What are you doing? And not only did a school administrator show up, and slam a beer in front of some minors, the reason he was there was to allegedly help calm down an unruly crowd at the tailgate. And what better way to do that than to have a beer or two with those that weren’t getting out hand. You know, like a fireman showing up at a fire and dumping gasoline on it to put it out. But Hobbs, is like, no, no, it’s not like that…quote: “My first concern is always for the safety and well-being of our students. Anyone who was at the (student tailgate) Saturday knows that I was acting to ensure that.”

Really? Safety and well-being of the students? Because nothing says concern for the safety and well-being of students like an administrator chugging a beer.

In that case, nobody was more concerned for the safety and well-being of students than Coach Sark.

And I love how at the start of the video, the A.D. says he can’t have a beer, then the students chant, and ten seconds later, he’s ripping one open. Way to stand up to peer pressure, Pops.

In fairness, he did say that picking up the beer was “a mistake.” Really? You think. It was.

And then added, “I regret that any action on my part can be interpreted as promoting the use of alcohol. That was certainly not my intention.”

Can be interpreted?? That’s exactly what it was; you’re a university administrator slamming beers with kids in public; of course you’re promoting the use of alcohol. And what do you mean that wasn’t your intention: you went over to a tailgate that was getting out of hand and essentially message was chill out ya’ll everyone just slam a beer or five and relax! Look, I did a lot of stupid things in college. Most people do. But we’re talking the college students! Not the 50 something leaders of the university the kids are supposed to look up to.

Dry out pops and stop encouraging and promoting the use of suds and liquor on campus. And don’t be looking to hit sorority row to cruise chicks after the game, Boss.


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