Info & Stats: Michigan State Head Football Coach

All Topics: Beating Notre Dame in Week 2 | Getting into conference play this weekend | His teams identity | Tyler O’Connor | Players with chips on their shoulders | Relationship with Tom Izzo | Izzo being inducted in to the Naismith Hall of Fame | Mike Sadler’s death |

Sept 22nd 2016

Coach on his relationship with Tom Izzo: “Great.”


Sept 17th 2015

All Topics: Win over Oregon | Spotlight on the Oregon game | Energy of the crowd vs. Oregon | Connor Cook | Air Force next | Air Force’s triple option | Air Force’s offense reminds him of The Fast And The Furious movie | Culture | Playing better in big games | Cook coming out of high school | Seniors using their 2012 season as motivation | Finish

Mark on their win over Oregon: “We wanted to finish.”

Sept 4th 2014

All Topics: Huge game at Oregon this Saturday | Scheduling Oregon | Big game this early in the season | 2nd game of their season | Big game experience | Preparing for the Oregon crowd | Marcus Mariota’s skill set | Mariota’s leadership | Oregon’s defense | Defense being an accountability game | Speed of the Oregon team | His offense | Connor Cook |

Mark on playing at Oregon this Saturday: “It’s a game we can gain big game experience from.”

July 29th 2013

All Topics: Ending last season with a big win over TCU | 2012 Season | The game of football being about inches | 9 games that were still in doubt during the final series of the game | Experience helps you deal with close games | Games are so often won or lost towards the end of the game| Bringing a lot of Seniors back | Great senior leadership | Andrew Maxwell | Connor Cook | Will play two quarterbacks this season | Right now Maxwell is one | Trying to create anxiety for the quarterbacks in camp | Working under Nick Saban | People are misguided on Saban as a person | Saban’s personal side | Recruiting with Saban | On the road a lot with Nick | Coaching under Jim Tressel | Wanting his style to be a mix of Saban and Tressel | Player targeting is a hard rule to assess |

Mark on coaching under Nick Saban: “Great experience, great learning experience.”

Nov 30, 2010:

Topics: Won a share of the Big Ten title | Winning so quickly at Michigan State? | BCS Bowl Game next? | Consideration for a BCS game | Feel like their getting over looked in the BCS | Need a jungle run to help | Not being ranked at the beginning of the season has hurt their BCS standings | Wisconsin is going to the Rose Bowl and they beat them | Wisconsin going to the Rose Bowl over them is a tough pill to swallow | Computer Rankings | Heart Attack after Notre Dame game | We have an outstanding staff that stepped up and the players understood the situation | A very emotional time | Easing back into things | Health needs to come first | Kirk Cousins |


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