After an all-out assault on his game the last few weeks, Darrelle Revis is fighting back.

No, not by playing better defense or working extra hard in practice this week as the Jets prepare to head to Kansas City. Or by firing off another Tweet at JR Smith, like the one he fired back after Smith hammered him with “Damn, Revis Island is turning into a tourist resort.”

No, Revis is firing back at his ex-agents, who he blames for spreading the rumors that the All-Pro cornerback didn’t workout this offseason.

“He’s just taking shots,” Revis told the AP on Wednesday. “But, it’s fine. Like I said, you take the good with the bad. That was a shot. But it’s all good.”

Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, the author of the Tweet that got people talking, denied that it came from agents Neil Schwartz and Jon Feinted, who repped Revis until he fired them in May.

And while the agents denied making the comments – Darrelle, BRO, do you really think it was only the AGENTS who saw that you’ve lost a step this offseason? EVERYBODY watching football these past two weeks has seen it.

We saw AJ Green catch 10 balls on you. We saw Marquise Goodwin blow past you for an 84-yard score. And you even acknowledged that the offseason wrist surgery you had brought you back to camp carrying more weight than you wanted:

“When you have surgery, you do gain weight,” he said. “At the same time, I’m not using that as an excuse.”

Uh — Yeah you are. Any time someone says, I’m not using this as an excuse, they’re using that as an excuse. When you start a sentence by telling us that surgery makes you gain weight, you’re making an excuse. If you’re saying anything other than, that guy was better than me that day, you’re making excuses.

And no one wants to hear them and no one cares.  And last I checked, a broken wrist doesn’t keep you off the elliptical. A broken wrist doesn’t mean your legs don’t work. A wrist surgery doesn’t make you gain weight.

If we were talking about your decreased bench press, I get it. But you getting torched by multiple receivers in the first two weeks of the season isn’t because of your wrist surgery. It’s because you were FAT. Or at least Fat for you.

Hell — you were wearing sweats, a long sleeve shirt, and a jacket under your gear in AUGUST — when temps were over 100 DEGREES. What you said THEN was this:

“It’s just putting myself in the worst-case scenario, in terms of the heat, making it the worst possible,” he said. “If I’m able to overcome this, I think in a game, it would be fairly easy or at least a little bit easier for me.”

OR… You were trying to play catchup and shed some lbs. Which I’m guessing is probably a little bit closer to the truth.

Look, if his former agents are anonymously sniping this guy in the media, that’s pretty greasy: turn the page; instead of obsessing over the guy you lost take that same energy and sign a new client or two. That said, the fact that Revis is pointing the finger at them or getting hooked by them is an worse look. You’re above this. You’re Darrelle Revis. A first-ballot, no-doubt Hall of Famer.

So TUCK THEM IN, RABBIT! Stop listening to the noise and get back into the cardio.


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