Patriots 27. Texans Nothing. Complete and total beatdown.

And a game that wasn’t nearly as close as that score indicates. I said it before the game and I’ll say it again. Rip the Commissioner’s name off the football and slam Hoodman on it, because this dude owns this league. And this sport. That was a masterclass from the Master.

Third-string, rookie QB making his first career start. On a short week. And without a fully healthy Gronk. Against the team that was leading the league in sacks through two games. Meanwhile, on the other side, you had a Texans team that was locked and loaded. Weapons all over the field – DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Brock Osweiler.  With a head coach who came through the Hoodie system and knows Bill Belichick as well as anyone. The Patriots had no business winning that game. Which is exactly why they won it. Because that’s what Belichick does. That’s what he thrives on.

And again, it was so much worse  than the scoreboard indicated. An absolutely soul crushing loss for the Texans. O’Brien is a really good coach, but his guys looked lost out there. The Texans were the ones panicking, not the team with the quarterback who was facing Old Dominion a year ago.

Because the Hoodman went Hoodman. And you knew he would. He always does. That’s the sixth time he’s won an NFL game with a quarterback making his first career start. And yes, three of those first-time QBs were Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, and Jimmy Garoppolo, but two of them were Eric Zeier and Todd Philcox. In Cleveland.

And it wasn’t just Belichick. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels coached his ass off, too. I always thought he’d get another head coaching gig and after last night, I’m convinced.

T-formation? Counter-option? Tight End Reverse? It’s like they threw on those Navy jerseys and became the Navy football team. The only thing missing was the Wishbone. They practically inserted a college offense in a matter of days and then made their opponents look like a high school team.

That game had it all. Jacoby Brissett running keepers. LeGarrette Blount trucking fools. Marty B taking handoffs. And Julian Edelman pancaking cats.

Not that we didn’t already know this, but I don’t care what the roster says, as long as that dude in the sleeveless sweatshirt is on the sideline, they’re never underdogs at home. Never.

Oh, and bad news Bills fans. The big fella, Rex Ryan is in must win situation, 0-2, and staring at 0-3. Because look who’s next. That’s right: the Hoodie. And he has 9 days to prepare for Ryan.

Yeah, I know, I know Rex; you’re not here to kiss Belichick’s rings. But you should. Maybe he’ll even let you coach his linebackers next year. After he gets done stabbing you in the heart next weekend, that is.


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