Green Bay Packers wideout Jordy Nelson isn’t one to celebrate much after scoring a touchdown or pulling off a big play. However, after Nelson’s second touchdown against the Detroit Lions yesterday, the normally quiet wideout whipped the ball in the air and hip-bumped teammate Randall Cobb. Nelson joined The Jim Rome Show on Monday and spoke about his exuberance during his team’s 34-27 win.

“I’m one that’s usually low key, try to make the play, and hand the ball to the official and move on, but some guys in our locker room wanted some more excitement on the field,” Nelson said. “If we made a big play they wanted us to get excited about it and show some energy. The offensive line said they feed off that, some other guys said they feed off that, so that’s what they wanted, so that’s what we tried to do. And it was fun just to be out there and messing around, but making plays and enjoying that moment, we only get to do it for so long, so might as well have fun while you do it.”

In his first game back at Lambeau Field since tearing his ACL in a 2015 preseason game, Nelson talked about his refreshed perspective of the sport.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into that rehab process, and missing a whole year of just being out there on the field, even at practice, just hanging out with the guys, you miss that time,” Nelson said. “And obviously that’s the thing. You talk to any former player, they say what they miss most about the game is the locker room and the guys, being around them every day. So it’s great to be back out there.

“Everyone understands this game does not last forever. I’ve been fortunate to play, this is my ninth year now, so I know I’m obviously I’m heading down towards the end in a few years, I’m sure, but hopefully we can get a couple more and enjoy them and win some more games and just make as many memories as possible.”

After the Packers’ Week 2 loss against the Minnesota Vikings, there seemed to be more questions from the media regarding two-time league MVP Aaron Rodgers’ play, and whether or not he’s regressed. Nelson found the questions amusing.

“In our locker room, we didn’t have any questions,” Nelson said, and highlighted the media’s ability to make a story out of nothing. “They overreact either way. If you lose, they overreact. If you win, they overreact. Sometimes if you won the game, doesn’t mean you played that well. Sometimes when you lose the game, doesn’t mean you actually played that bad, you might have just missed a few opportunities and the game would have been completely different.

“So it’s one of those things. Inside the building, everyone knows how we’re playing as an offense. We understand we have a lot of veteran guys on our team who have been through it, the ups and the downs, and obviously there’s no reason to ever question what Aaron can do. We know it and he holds himself to a high standard, same as everyone else in the locker room. Yeah, that was never a question within the players. Obviously, it gave some of the local media some great topics to talk about.”

When you watch Aaron Rodgers play, his athletic ability and accuracy are apparent, but Nelson says the quarterback’s mind and willingness to prepare are also something special.

“He’s one of those that he will recall a play from seven years ago, or not even, or it could be a play that he just saw on film,” Nelson said. “He will rattle it off and I think obviously it allows the game to slow down for him when we are playing I mean that’s just the way he prepares. He’s ready for it, he’s ready for every scenario, he’s seen it before, if he’s seen it once he will be able to pull it out of the hat and expect it.”


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