Tragic story as Marlins star Jose Fernandez and two other men died when their 32 foot boat slammed into a rocky jetty off Miami Beach in the middle of the night. He was just 24 and had just day’s earlier instagrammed that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby.

He was an enormous talent; prodigious talent, with an even bigger personality. He truly was the next big thing. A young player that was already dominant and doing things that had never been done before in the game; and on top of that had crazy amounts of ‘it’: it’s hard to even describe how gifted he was: how much talent he possessed, and how magnetic he was both on and off the field. He really was larger than life, and now he’s gone. Just like that.

And even more unbelievable is the story of his defection. And how it took him multiple tries to make it to the U.S., and on one of those attempts, someone had gone overboard. And without even knowing who it was, or thinking about any risk involved, he jumped in the water to save that person. And it was his own mother. He had no idea until he reached her. And saved her life.

And then to see him pass the way he did, is unfathomable. And utterly heartbreaking. Rest In Peace Jose Fernandez.


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