Break up the Bills! Because a week after Rex Ryan fired his offensive coordinator, and the team’s owners were meeting players, the old Footy looked more like a guy who was going to be smothered by a pillow in the middle of the night than the coach who would jump Arizona.

But the Bills took a two by four to the Cardinals, with Rex & Rob’s defense intercepting Carson Palmer four times and LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor running all over the place.

But, because Rex is Rex — he couldn’t leave well enough alone. Riding high off that first win, he just couldn’t help himself.

Because the Footy faces the Hoodie next week, and while Belichick is his usual Fort Knox when it comes to the injury status of Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett, Rex is bumping his gums — riding high after his first victory of the season.

“Look, I can sit back and say I don’t care who plays quarterback, cuz I know Brady ain’t,” he told reporters. “I don’t care who plays quarterback; Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If Belichick’s playing quarterback, we’re coming after him. I promise you that.”

Good one, Foot!

Because nothing says ONE-GAME WINNING STREAK like taking to the postgame presser and poking the bear. You know, the guy who is 11-4 against you since you came into his division with the Jets. The guy who keeps WINNING GAMES while you keep talking. The guy who has run quarterbacks in and out of his offense with no issues while you need to run your offensive coordinator out of town, after promising you’d be the first one out the door if things didn’t work, to keep things on the rails?

A week after getting torched by your former team and Ryan Fitzpatrick, I get it — you’re feeling better about yourself. But BRO – can you give your team a break? How do you think the players are feeling when they’re icing down and high-fiving after a must-win… And they hear you talking…, about Belichick and the Patriots no less?

In case you missed it, Rex, the Patriots don’t NEED Tom Brady to win football games. They don’t even need Jimmy Garoppolo. Because they went out and bludgeoned a Texans team with a rookie third stringer, who got hurt during the game.

So while I get it – you’re happy, and extremely PUMPED you and Rob get to go “band-free” at the victory buffet, at what point do you figure out — after almost a decade of getting owned by Belichick and the Patriots — that you just don’t do that. Especially since you’re still you, and he’s still the Hood. You’re still a defensive coordinator in waiting and he’s still the Goat of NFL head coaches.

I know you can’t help yourself, but maybe, maybe, you stop talking for five seconds. At least long enough to get hammered by the Patriots again.


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