When John Elway let Brock Osweiler walk, some wondered if the Broncos GM and Hall of Famer was letting his pride get in the way. Because Elway wasn’t willing to pay Osweiler the money that the Texans were offering him — leaving the defending Super Bowl champs to reboot their offense with Mark Sanchez, last year’s 7th rounder Trevor Siemian, and 1st round rookie Paxton Lynch.

Sanchez didn’t make it out of camp. So Elway and head coach Gary Kubiak decided to roll the dice on Siemian, a developmental prospect who they drafted coming off an ACL injury after a senior season at Northwestern where he threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

But three games into the season, the move looks brilliant. And Elway is looking like a stone-cold gangsta, his latest move setting the Broncos up for another run at a Super Bowl.

So you can excuse Elway for going Keyser Soze on Twitter — waiting 511 days to come back at a Broncos fan who thought the team reached when they used their LAST ROUND PICK on a quarterback who is playing better football than Osweiler or Peyton Manning played last year.

I love it.

Because this guy can do everything — and he’s the rare former athlete who seems JUST AS GOOD calling the shots as he was playing the game. And after making the bold move of firing John Fox and bringing in Kubiak, Elway hit it out of the park on his quarterback gamble,… and now he’s got Siemian AND Paxton Lynch in his stable… now he can develop both and likely spin off the other one when needed.

The Broncos don’t look like they’re losing any time soon. Not with Siemian getting better by the week — throwing four touchdowns against the Bengals and cracking 300 yards through the air as the passing game carried the offense. And that wasn’t a case of just asking Siemian to just manage the game, stay away from the big mistake and let the defense do all the heavy lifting for him. They needed him to make some plays Sunday and he did.

Maybe Elway got lucky. Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. Or maybe it was both. But after seeing Osweiler melt down in prime time Thursday night and seeing Siemian step up the way he did Sunday, it looks like Elway got it right. Again.

Just like he did when he fired Tim Tebow. Just like he did when he fired John Fox. Just like he did when he hired Gary Kubiak. Just like he did when he talked Peyton Manning into coming to Denver. Just like he did when he brought Manning back and talked him into taking a paycut and to throw less and run more. And just like he did when he showed Manning the door after he got him another ring and secured his legacy.

And he knew exactly what he was doing when he went to the Arena League when we all thought he was, wasting his time, putting his name on something that didn’t matter. This cat obviously has a reason and a purpose for everything he does.

Elway is cold blooded. And motivated. Dude could easily have put his feet up, broke out his golf clubs every day and slammed beers every afternoon. But he’s not about that life. He’s still about the grind. And the win. And if you doubt him, he’s going to remember it, and he’ll be coming for you. Just ask @ nfkrauss.


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