New details have emerged regarding the final hours of Jose Fernandez’s life. Fernandez and two friends died early Sunday morning when the 32-foot fishing boat they were on slammed into a jetty just off Miami Beach.

The boat was apparently traveling at full speed, which can be between 55 and 65 mph, when it hit the jetty, capsized and landed upside down on the rocks.

The jetty is low to the water and it’s possible whoever was driving the boat, didn’t see the rocks in the darkness.

None of the three were wearing lifejackets, but given the nature of the crash, the lifejackets probably wouldn’t have saved them anyway.

A spokesperson for the Florida Wildlife Commission says Fernandez died from the impact of the crash and that he didn’t drown. Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Macias also died in the crash.

Meanwhile, a chilling text exchange between Rivero and his friend Will Bernal has been made public. Fernandez, according to WPLG in Miami was quote “stressed out” and quote “needed to blow off steam.” And wanted to take the boat out. Bernal who had lost another friend recently and was fearful of it happening again, tried to talk Rivero out of going, telling him it was not a good idea. Rivero reportedly had concerns about going out on the boat, but wanted to keep Fernandez close to shore, and said he’d be careful before adding, quote, “it’s not my time.”

How eerie is that? “It’s not my time.”

TMZ also reports Fernandez was spotted at a bar in Miami around 2 am Sunday.

These details don’t change the bottom line. Three young men tragically lost their lives early Sunday morning in a horrific boating accident. It’s tragic. But even more so because from the sounds of it, it was so preventable.

Going out in the middle of the night, in those conditions, at that speed, seems incredibly dangerous. But I think back to when I was that age and I made some horrible decisions. Most of you would probably say the same thing. We probably all have made decisions at some point in our lives that have us wondering, how are we even here right now?. But virtually all of us were extremely lucky and got away with those terrible decisions. But Fernandez didn’t and it cost him and two others, their lives.


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