Alvin Gentry

Info & Stats: New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach

All Topics: Preparation for 2016-17 Season | Injuries last season | Anthony Davis growing still? | Davis weighing 250 pounds now? | Davis is still growing | Anthony growing as a leader | Buddy Hield being a morning person | Hield’s work ethic | Hield’s defense | Defense in the NBA | Lance Stephenson | Jrue Holiday’s family situation

Sept 28th 2016

Alvin on Anthony Davis: “He’s not done growing.”


Mar 4th 2016

All Topics: Tough loss to San Antonio last night | If Golden State wasn’t doing what they are doing San Antonio would be the talk of the league | San Antonio making big shots down the stretch | Anthony Davis turning 23 next week | Having the opportunity to coach a generational player | Anthony needing to be verbal with his teammates | Never had an injured season like this | Golden State’s play this season | Steph Curry | Curry’s leadership

Alvin on Anthony Davis: “He’s all about winning.”


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