Devastating news for the Texans. J. J. Watt reinjured his back, will reportedly be placed on injured reserve today and could miss the rest of the season.

If he is placed on I.R., he can return to practice after six weeks and play after 8 weeks. But speculation is, the Texans may shut him down for the rest of the season regardless of whether or not he needs more surgery. Which is the tact they should have taken with this guy in the first place.

Look, I’m not a doctor. But I don’t need to be one to know this guy rushed back too soon and tried to do too much. He missed all of training camp and the preseason after having back surgery in July.

Not to be confused with the surgery he had in January to repair five torn core muscles. Back surgery! In July! Big shock that’s on the shelf now. Too much, too soon and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Sure, dude’s a freak. And a monster. But he’s not indestructible. In fact, it’s just the opposite; he’s taken a pounding.

And not just recently. He told SI.’s Tim Layden back in 2014 he didn’t see himself as 15 year player in the NFL. Hell, after his January surgery, he admitted there were days where he wondered whether or not he’d make it back at all. Whether or not he had already played his last down.

Maybe, everyone post-surgery and in the midst of a tough rehab, has days like that at some point. Or maybe it’s something much more ominous. I know this. He’s down right now. And maybe for the rest of the season, which means the Texans can forget about the Super Bowl. They were already exposed when they went into Foxborough, and were knocked the hell out by the Patriots who had a rookie third stringer under center. If that happens with Watt, what’s going to happen without him?

Their Super Bowl dream just died with this announcement; and a shot at even making the postseason may have gone with it too. Only thing keeping me from saying that too is how bad the AFC South has been so far. And if the best thing you can say about a team is that they play in a crappy division, they’re not going to sniff anything that matters.

I mean, H-town, I’d love to tell you everything is going to be just fine. But it won’t. It never is when you lose your best player. And maybe the league’s best player. And considering he’s that, they should have handled him more carefully; they shouldn’t have been in such hurry a to get him back so soon. It ended up killing any shot they had at making any kind of run this season.


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