Hour 1

Rex Jumps On Edelman’s Conference Call | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Ryder Cup Trash Talk


Hour 2

Funny Guy Rex | T.J. Watt (College Football) Interview | Kyle Whittingham (College Football) Interview


Hour 3

Interim Ed | Tyronn Lue (NBA) Interview | House Hunter Rap



Boomer Esiason

Former quarterback on Carson Wentz’s terrific play early in his career: “Not surprised.”


Tyronn Lue

Cavs head man on coaching LeBron James: “He never tries to flex his power.”


Kyle Whittingham

Utah’s head coach on Cal’s passing game: “Best in the country.”


T.J. Watt

Linebacker on 2016 Wisconsin Badgers: “We are a team.”



Coach Em Up, Patulski

Give it to Rex, man. He’s funny. He’s loose.
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Always Something With Dez

Dez Bryant’s MRI was delayed on his injured right knee because he was absent from Monday’s treatment for injured players…
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Worth Every Penny

The Chicago Cubs haven’t killed the curse of the Billy Goat yet, but they did scratch off a monster check to Theo Epstein.
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Freaking Interim Ed

I’ll say it again; I hated to see LSU whack Les Miles.
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