Dez Bryant’s MRI was delayed on his injured right knee because he was absent from Monday’s treatment for injured players and Tuesday’s meetings, according to ESPN.

Always something with Dez.

That’s some rookie b.s. right there, Dez. I mean, you shouldn’t miss treatment for injury even as a rookie, but at least then, you could say that’s just Dez being Dez; he’s a young dude; he’s learning, he’ll figure it out. But he’s not a rookie; he’s in his 7th season. 7th!

So if he does what he’s supposed to do as an injured player and go in for treatment, he would have gotten the MRI done on Monday, and they could have devised a treatment plan immediately.But he didn’t, and the MRI wasn’t done until yesterday, meaning he wasted valuable time, and seemingly without a good excuse.

This is pretty easy: you get hurt, you go in for treatment, they assess the injury and formulate a recovery plan. But he didn’t. And he has no excuse.

Seven years, that can’t happen. 7 years in, this guy can’t still be pulling that crap.

They’re already without Tony Romo; any time without Bryant is going to be devastating; so handle your business, and get your butt into facility like everyone else for treatment. And the worst part about it; it’s not the least bit surprising.


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