I’ll say it again; I hated to see LSU whack Les Miles. In a world where almost every single college football coach says and does the same thing, Miles stood out.

And I’m not just talking about a dude who slams grass, although that is awesome. This cat is one of a kind; there’s no one like him. And if he doesn’t get another big time gig, college football will be worse for it.

But while I’m disappointed LSU ran him, I’m not surprised. Everyone knew he was in trouble. Everyone knew if he didn’t change he’d be in trouble. And he didn’t. And when he started the preseason ranked 5th and split his first four games to drop out of the Top 25 altogether, you knew he was done.

Question now is, who gets the gig. While I have a pretty good idea who their chasing, I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know the answer to question, who’s going to hold this thing together until they get to the guy.

Freaking Edward Oregon Jr..

You remember him, right? I know USC does. After Pat Haden left Lane Kiffin for dead on the tarmac at LAX, the one-man SWAT team that is Interim Ed swooped in and saved the season.

You know the story… USC sleepwalking to a 3-2, before Ed came in, had them playing like a team possessed and winning 6 of 8. And the players loved him.

And now, LSU is in the same exact boat. They’re 2-2 and looking for a savior. Someone to salvage this season, so they don’t all waste a year of their lives.

Interim Edward hasn’t only been in this boat before, he captained it back safely to shore, no casualties. And he’s here to do it again.

This is what he does. He’s the Tarc and Christina of College Football. He takes over run-down programs, revitalizes them, and leaves them better than they were.

And the reason he’s such a good interim coach is that he doesn’t treat it like that. He’s not taking this on, knowing he’s going to hand it to someone else. He’s auditioning for the full time gig. This isn’t just some dude trying to keep the bus on the road: He’s all in.

How do I know? Because the school didn’t fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron along with Les Miles, Orgeron did! That was ALL Interim Ed.

According to people inside the program, he’s changed “everything” and “It’s completely different.” Good. As it should be. Because what they were doing wasn’t working.

With LSU, it’s SEC title or bust, and they haven’t had one since 2011.

And as for Ed, interim may be in his title, but there’s nothing about this guy that says interim. I wouldn’t be surprised if when they came to him, he said, I’m to do this, but only if I’m a candidate for the full time gig. Don’t ask me to do this if you’re not going to consider me for the gig.

He may not get this job; but if he doesn’t, he’ll probably get another one. I’d hire the guy in a second. And if that doesn’t happen, he’ll get a nice, fat, well deserved raise from LSU.

I know this, if I’m Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas and A-M  I’m not sleeping on this guy. Don’t assume they’ve given up on their season and Orgeron is the substitute teacher you can all jack with. He’s not.

There’s nothing interim about this guy; and he’s coming for your heart.


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