The Dolphins are cooked. They’re 1-3 and it’s clear that Adam Gase has a gut job on his hands. Sure, there’s some nice young talent on that roster. But there are holes everywhere.

And none look bigger than at quarterback. And now the youngest head coach in the NFL — a guy who has about as good of a reputation as quarterback developer as there is in the league — has got to be wondering what he got himself into.

Because Ryan Tannehill was terrible last night. And he’s pretty much been, if not terrible, than maddeningly inconsistent for the entirety of his career. And while the Dolphins fell in love with the big arm and the athleticism that had him playing WIDE RECEIVER at Texas A&M before he got his shot at quarterback, it’s pretty clear that Tannehill is all tools, no toolbox.

But that didn’t stop Dolphins owner Stephen Ross from betting big on Tannehill. Like  $77 million in new money and roughly 20 million a season, big: you know, Gase is reading all the small print, trying to figure if there’s any loop hole or any way to void that contract.

Should’ve listened to Miko. She knew it all along. Because Brent Grimes wife was all about that action back when her husband was with the team, dropping an epic Twitter blast on her husband’s then teammate:

“I knew this qb stunk the minute we signed to this team but I tried to keep quiet so I didn’t discourage bae from believing in his team.”

She was back at it again on Thursday night, watching Tannehill throw his fifth INT of the year — nearly putting a hole in the chest of a Bengals defender — and she couldn’t control herself. Quote, if the media cornballs knew anything about football, they would’ve followed my lead 3 YEARS AGO! Too busy being mad I’m a girl.

You look at Tannehill and you see that things aren’t right. Look at his numbers, and you’ll see a pretty steep regression from his impressive 2014 season.

Young team, lot of season left, but this obviously is not the guy to get it done. He’s the guy that gets you fired. Because he looks like a 77 million dollar quarterback. He throws like a 77 million dollar quarterback. But he doesn’t play like one. And never will.


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