Josh Gordon says he is going back into rehab, a statement that comes less than a week before he was set to rejoin the Browns.

Remember, he had been suspended for the entire 2015 season and for the first 4 games of this season: he had been saying the right things, seemingly doing the right things and the Browns were anxious to get him back. And now that’s probably never going to happen.

He probably won’t play again this season and almost assuredly will never play for the Browns again.

This dude has some serious issues: he obviously didn’t get well: if he gotten the help he needed, and was doing great, and was clean and sober, he’d be ready to roll. And obviously he’s not. He’s still fighting a losing battle with his demons.

And that being the case, he’s doing the right thing. He’s going back to rehab to get the help he needs. He’ll never get back on the field until he’s right off it.

And the Browns are saying exactly what you’d expect: that they’re supporting him and want nothing more than for him to be successful personally and professionally but make no mistake, they’re frustrated. They’re bent.

Understandably. They’ve supported Gordon, waited on Gordon, and need him badly. Then again, if they were banking on him, that’s on them too; had to know this just was not a guy you could count on.

And I’m not here to judge. I have never dealt with demons like that. I’ve never walked in those shoes. But to think that he missed an entire season, and had an entire year to address it, probably tried and still couldn’t beat it back?! This dude must be fighting a fight against the devil himself, because he’s played just 5 games since 2013 and is on the verge of throwing away what could have been a Hall of Fame career, if he hasn’t already.

He’s fighting a losing battle with something that is bigger than him because there’s no way he would choose that over the thing he loves most but others have dealt with what he’s dealing with and have beaten it back. It may be the biggest challenge he’ll ever face. But he has to overcome it.

His career doesn’t just depend on it but his life may as well.

Now, the one thing that did strike me is he went to rehab and came out and said he didn’t have a problem. That, to me, was a big red flag. Hopefully, finally he knows he has a problem. And is willing to go all in and attack it.

In the meantime, once again I feel terrible for Browns fan: no NFL fan has had their heart ripped out and trounced as many times, over as many seasons as Brown fan has. They have had some truly miserable seasons. And this might be one of their most miserable ever. And it’s only three weeks old.



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