Lardarius Webb has made a career of studying wide receivers originally as the Baltimore Ravens corner and now safety. However, the veteran defensive back has never seen a wideout like his teammate Steve Smith Sr. Webb joined The Jim Rome Show on Friday and had extremely high praise for the 37-year-old wide receiver, highlighting his competitive drive and toughness.

“He’s not going to lose. He’s going to go at it at 110-percent every play. I’ve never seen anybody like Steve Smith,” Webb said. “The way he challenges us, the way he challenges the other team, he’s a competitor. I’ve never seen an ultimate competitor like Steve Smith.”

Webb says Smith’s vibe and will is contagious and transcends across the locker room.

“He never quits, man. He never stops working. He never stops trying to get better. The way he gets ready for a game, the way he is for a game. I’ve never seen it,” Webb said. “I mean, the passion he’s had for the game, the way he acts on the field, he changes to like another monster. He turns into someone before the game. He’s the nicest guy five minutes before the game, but once the game starts he’s like a different guy and we love it, it’s Baltimore Ravens mentality and we love it. He’s bringing that toughness to the offense.”

Playing in his eight season in the NFL, Webb said Smith’s toughness is on par with former teammate Anquan Boldin. He added they just had different styles of displaying it.

“I’ve been acquainted with some tough receivers. Two of the toughest receivers I’ve ever been acquainted is Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith,” Webb said. “I’d say Anquan is like an assassin, a quiet assassin. He’s quiet, he’s not going to talk, all that stuff, but when you see him play, you is like that boy is tough, the way he plays is tough. Steve Smith has it all. He’s going to talk to you, he’s going to get in your face, and he’s going to be tough, and he’s not going to back down.

“It’s just two different toughness, you got one quiet guy that’s not going to back down and go at you at 110, and you have one guy that’s going to get in your face tell you how he feels about you and still try and beat your butt right in your face and that’s Steve Smith. Two of the greatest, and I had a chance to play with them.”

The 3-0 Baltimore Ravens host the 2-1 Oakland Raiders this Sunday on CBS.


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