With Watt going down may not even be their biggest problem: Brock Osweiler’s not off to a good start: with the Texans. And not amused.

Actually he is. He’s heard the heat he’s taken for his poor play thinks it’s “hilarious.” He told the Houston Chronicle, “I think that’s hilarious. The critique comes from a whole lot of people that don’t know my read on that play. They’ve probably never actually sat in an offensive meeting in their life, let alone a quarterback meeting in the National Football League. I’m very comfortable with my reads. Certainly, I know I need to clean up my ball security issues of having four interceptions through three games and that’s something I will clean up.”

You think it’s funny when folks rap you for not being able to read defenses and to make good decisions with the ball, wait until they start saying you’re a complete bust, the Texas wasted millions on your, and that Denver has a better quarterback former seventh rounder Trevor Siemian than you are. Now, that would be hilarious, right Brock.

And good news is, you keep playing the way you are and he keeps playing the way he is and that’s exactly what people will be saying. Go ahead and assume that whenever someone says something is hilarious with regards to criticism of their work, go ahead and assume that they don’t think it’s funny at all.

And another thing, Brock; you’re absolutely right in saying that everyone cracking you has probably never sat in an offensive meeting in their life; probably have no idea what your read is supposed to be on any given play. But they don’t need to know you’re playing well. Don’t need to know you were totally outplayed by a rookie third stringer in Foxboro. And if  you’re that thin-skinned that you’re going to throw the never played the game, or sat in a quarterbacks meeting, card, how is anyone going to expect you to handle things when the bullets really start to fly? Throwing that card does not suggest that you’ve got it everything under control, don’t care what anyone outside your locker room says and that you’ve got the mental toughness to be a franchise q.b. not if you’re reacting like that the first time you’re criticized.

Tuck em back in rabbit. And as soon you have more T.D.’s than you have picks for the season, they’ll just move on to the next year.

Losing J.J. Watt is a huge blow to that team. But hearing Brock bump his gums like that makes you wonder if getting him might be an even bigger blow.


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