Come to find out, it really does matter who plays q.b. for the Patriots. You actually start to believe  it doesn’t. Tom Brady gets suspended and you just plug in Jimmy Garoppolo who tears it up. Garoppolo goes down, next man up is rookie Jacoby Brissett who plays like a ten vet in a beatdown of would be Super Bowl contender in Houston.

The Hoodie can get any scrub under center to beat anyone else in the league. He really is that smart. And it really doesn’t matter who plays q.b. for them. Ehhhhhhh!! Because Jacoby Brissett suddenly remembered he was Jacoby Brissett, and the Bills harassed the hell out of him and made him look like the rookie third stringer he is. So it does matter who plays q.b. for them.

And you can stop with his idiocy that Tom Brady is a quote “system quarterback.” He’s not. But he may be the best quarterback ever. And he’s coming off the best vacation ever to take control.

That loss to the Bills, while embarrassing isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s probably a good thing. The Pats are 3-1, still the team to beat in the AFC East, maybe in the AFC overall, and they’re getting Brady and defensive end Rob Ninkovich back. And Gronk’s getting healthy. And now Belichick has something he can use to get their attention the rest of the year.

As for Brady, he now, inherits a 1st place football team with an extra four games of rest at the age of 39. What was supposed to be a punishment turned out to be a gift from the NFL.

Tom Brady is like the guy with a suspended license who never has to be the designated driver, or the kid who gets expelled from school and gets to sleep in every day, or the dude that gets booted to the couch by his wife but he’s got the PlayStation 4 fired up before he lays the blankets out.

All the NFL did was save Tom Brady the wear the tear while providing him with enough bulletin board material and motivation to last another 16 year career. And all his team did was win 75% of the games he missed with second and third string quarterbacks.

The punishment backfired by Roger Goodell. Nice going, Rog. Good thing you’re the one in charge of discipline.


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