Generally 2-2 is nothing to party about. But when you were 0-2, in a freefall, your head coach whacked the offensive coordinator to save himself and the entire league is piling on… 2-2 is  a reason to rage.

Bills coach Rex Ryan had proven once again, his team wasn’t good enough to back up all the tired smack that was flying out of his piehole and he was probably about five minutes from becoming a defensive coordinator, while brother Rob was preparing to coach linebackers somewhere.

But then the damnest thing happened: Rex finally, actually, did coach the Bills up. And his guys showed up; and they smacked a beleaguered Cards team to buy Rex a few more days. Never mind how disappointing the Cards are, Rex may have had to win that game to save his job and he did what he had to do. And felt pretty damn good about it.

And slipped right back into Rex Mode after it happened: I’m talking pre lap band, fat, I’m going to rip your lunch money, bully Rex.

Felt so good, he, broke out his comedy routine, hi-jacking a media conference call, much to the delight of the Bills beat hyenas, who were howling when he pretended to be Walt Patulski, and asked Julian Edelman if he was going to play.

If ever anything was going to come back to bite Rex in the ass, it was that. Beating Arizona was one thing, but there was no way, big mouth was going into Foxboro and beating the Patriots, who were 3-0, had just hammered the Texans and were the best team in the league. But that’s exactly what happened: they not only beat the Pats, they beat them down. A straight curbstomping and hospital job.

I have never seen a Bill Belichick team get that abused physically in their own house.

Which brings me back to Rex: I’ve got no problem with him running his mouth and acting the clown. In fact, back in the day I loved it. All these guys say exactly the same things after they win and after they lose. Rex doesn’t. And it’s fresh. At least it was when he won… But he hasn’t. In six years.

And without the wins, he’s just mouth, another popping off. And it’s tired. And it’s played.

But… go into the Hood’s house and do him, and I have no issue with Rex mocking him after it happened.

If you’re having that good a weekend and that beatdown on the Patriots wasn’t the only good thing that happened to you, buy all means, Footie, break out that Clemson lid and let it rip.

The only thing missing here was a prank call to Rams coach Jeff Fisher to see if his refrigerator is running. And considering he will be here in L.A. next weekend, you can all but expect the big fella to show up in a presser in a tank top, board shorts and old school zinka sunscreen on his beak, make a few wise cracks about the traffic and the smog and then replace game film with a few episodes of Baywatch and The Real Housewives.

Trust me, none of it will be funny again, but somehow, miraculously, it’s working again. Coach em up and crack em up, Rex. Just know, you are coming to Hollywood next, so you probably want to hire someone to write you some new material.


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