The South Beach Bully is back. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about Richie Incognito, well, other than looking at the Dolphins gamer that Leff in Laguna dropped on my desk, but ol’ Richard is back.

And this time, instead of hazing a teammate he’s taking shots at the Hood.

Dude was riding pretty high off Sunday’s win and posted that clip of Belichick slamming his Microsoft tablet against a table on the sideline with the caption “It’s the tablet’s fault Bill. Hashtag Belichick Spike, Hashtag Learned it from GRONK, hashtag Goose EGG, hashtag SHUT OUT.”

Richie v. Hoodie? That’s like schoolyard bully verbally abusing the school principal. You can do it behind closed doors, but once you go public with it, no good can come from it. In the long run, there aren’t too many cats who take shots at the Patriots and come out on the better end of it. Seriously, from locker room bully, to cyber bully, can you believe this guy.

I have to say, while I did give the Bills credit for going into to Foxboro and shutting out the Patriots, seeing Rex’s act after the game, and Incognito’s now, they clearly feel like they weren’t getting nearly enough credit. Because they couldn’t wait to tell everyone how big that win was. Easy, fellas.

You’re acting like you just went into Foxboro and beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Hell, you’re acting like you just won the Super Bowl. Shoot, most teams that actually win the Super Bowl don’t make as much noise as you’re making right now.

And maybe it was your Super Bowl. But it wasn’t THEE Super Bowl. And that wasn’t Tom Brady you just did in his house; it was a rookie third stringer. So, in retrospect, you really didn’t much at all. At least not nearly as much as you think you did.

You are still just 2-2 so you didn’t save your season. And you didn’t save Rex’s job; he’ll probably still have to make the playoffs for that to happen. And that’s no lock. Far from it.

And you still have to run it back against the Pats in four weeks and the Hood doesn’t lose to the same opponent twice. Especially one he knows as well as you. And especially when he’ll have Tom Brady back.

Nice  win. Too bad you had to ruin it with a bunch of really lame pressers and videos.


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