Right when you think Odell Beckham Jr. couldn’t look any worse than he does, couldn’t look like any more of a diva than he does, he busts out and tells ESPN, that he’s not having nearly as much fun playing football anymore.

I get it, ODB. I see you working. I feel you. Just know this. None of us are having nearly as much fun watching you play football anymore. And I bet if they were being really honest, a number of your teammates would probably say they’re not having nearly as much fun playing football with you anymore. I know your quarterback Eli Manning isn’t. Because he was the one who said, you’re bringing all this on yourself.

And he’s right. I mean, the guy allows another d.b. to get in his head, hook him, and he snaps, again, and everyone sees it. And everyone knows at this point, he’s a ticking time bomb. And he’s hurting himself. And his team. And he’s a major distraction.

So what’s he do? Does he get away for 24 hours, take a long hard look in the mirror; own it, get leverage on it, apologize to his teammates, and assure them, you can count on me: I will never put myself or any of you in this position ever again. And I’m sorry that I’ve been a distraction and that you’ve had to answer questions about me. That’s all done. I’m a warrior! No. Of course not.

What he did was run to ESPN and lay out how football just isn’t any fun anymore. That’s no warrior. That’s a baby.

And if that’s too harsh, and maybe you’re looking for a more rational explanation as to why this guy is acting like this, I’m going to say he seems pretty unstable. And not mentally tough enough to keep dudes out of his kitchen. Not if he’s melting down on the field and cheapshotting the opposition. Not if he’s on the verge of tears on the sideline and throwing his helmet. And not if he’s running to the media and saying he’s not having fun anymore.

What’s next? I quit. What happened to this guy?! How did it go so wrong, so fast? He was the toast of New York just five minutes ago. The toast of the entire league, really. And it’s gotten away from him; he’s spiraling. He clearly has some T.O. in him, and in this case, that’s not a good thing.

Listening to you complain about anything and everything, but mostly about how intense the media coverage is. And the fact that social media is always buzzing about you and who you are going to match up with next. Right, dude. You’re a big star, in a big market, playing on a big stage: and this is what you get.

None of this was an issue for you when you made that crazy one hand catch and the entire world was hyping for you being the biggest freak ever.  But, now because teams are defending more physically making it harder to do your job and you’ve been hit with a few mean tweets, you want take your ball and go home? That’s weak.

Keep digging, Odell. Keep digging. No one did this to you. You did it to yourself: now you need to get out of it yourself. And the only way to do that is close your mouth and ball up.


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