Info & Stats: Dallas Mavericks Head Coach

All Topics: Busy off-season again | New roster again | Early on in free agency was a struggle | Kevin Durant signing in Golden State helped him | Acquiring Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut | Harrison Barnes | Harrison’s work ethic | Dirk Nowitzki | The way all-time greats carry themselves | Nowitzki is still underrated | Head coaches in the NBA stability | Terry Stotts and Dwane Casey

Oct 6th 2016

Rick on Harrison Barnes: “Relentless worker.”


Feb 23rd 2016

All Topics: All Star Break | Dirk’s Success | Jason Kidd as Head Coach | Coaches Being Fired | Delonte West | Off the Court Issues | Life After Basketball

Rick on the success of Dirk Nowitzki: “It’s amazing what he’s done. He’s redefined the power forward position. He has carried a franchise singlehandedly for 18 years.”


Feb 23rd 2015

All Topics: Amar’e Stoudemire’s debut with them last night | Richard Jefferson’s dunk last night | Jefferson still has a lot of juice | Monta Ellis | Dirk Nowitzki saying Monta is the teams closer | Monta has made a lot of game winning shots | Monta not getting the respect he deserves | Dirk could have used the All Star weekend off | Rajon Rondo | Rondo’s mind | Rondo’s game | Rondo making them a better defensive team | Chandler Parsons | The West is going to come down to the slimmest of margins |

Rick on Richard Jefferson: “He’s still got a lot of juice left.”


Oct 11th 2013

All Topics: Not making the Playoffs last season | A lot of one year deals the past few seasons | Changing their approach a bit | Needing to adapt to all the new faces | Building chemistry in training camp | Simplicity on offense | The game changing | Dirk Nowitzki’s health | Dirk has been in Dallas nearly all summer | Renaldo Balkman’s look | Likes Balkman’s eyelid tattoos | Jason Kidd | His advice to Kidd about calling Larry Bird | Kidd’s earned the right to become a NBA head coach

Rick on Jason Kidd: “He’s earned the right to become an NBA Head Coach.”


Mar 27, 2012:

Rick on the Western Conference Standings: “I’ve never seen a playoff race like this.”


Dec 13, 2011:

Rick on the Kardashian family: “Khloe is the coolest one of them all.”


May 09, 2011:

Rick on Phil Jackson’s success: “You will never see it again, I’m certain of it.”


Feb 22, 2011:

Rick on Dirk Nowitzki’s work ethic: “He makes Reggie Miller look like a choirboy.”


Mar 04, 2010:

Topics: Riding a 9-game winning streak | Tough position; deep position with the roster | Caron Butler | Big player in free agency re-signings? | Owner Mark Cuban | Relationship and ideas with Cuban | Jason Kidd and his basketball IQ | Dirk Nowitzki’s pure basketball heart | Approach to the game and careers | Fire and intensity coaching the team.


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