The Arizona Cardinals did what they had to do. They went on the road, on a short week, without their starting Q.B., and they did the sad sack Niners in prime time. It wasn’t much to see.

In fact, it was nearly impossible to watch. But the Cardinals don’t care how it looks. 2-3 means they’re still in this fight; 1-4 would have meant their season was over. So they did what they had to do. Which is what Chip Kelly should do. What he should have done last night: bench his starting q.b. Blaine Gabbert.

I know Chip Kelly has forgotten more about football than any of us will ever know. And really, none of us have any idea what the hell is going in that facility or on the practice field. But do we even need to. I’ll tell you what I do know. That’s Blaine Gabbert. The guy you clones have glossed plain garbage. And that guy played exactly the way you’d expect him to play. Terribly. That’s not one bad night. That’s one bad career. 18-31, 162 yards, 1 t.d., 2 picks, 7 sacks and a passer rating of 56.1. That’s exactly who Gabbert is. Why would Kelly expect otherwise? His 9-31 lifetime as a starter; second worst record ever for a q.b. in his first 40 starts. Dude is out there, giving his team no chance to win, overthrowing dudes who are wide-ass open, and it never dawned on Kelly, to go to the hook.

I get that Colin Kaepernick is busted up physically, and that the guy’s stock has plummeted and Kelly’s concerned about his conditioning… I get it; what I don’t get is that this guy isn’t good enough to beat out Blaine Gabbert. Has he fallen that far? Does Kelly have that little respect for him? Can he really say, Kaepernick doesn’t give them a better chance to win than Gabbert? Again, if Kelly is such an offensive genius, why the hell was Gabbert still out there in the second half. When asked about that after the game, Kelly said he’d look at quote everything, including the q.b. position.

You do that Chip. Your team, your call. But you should have done it much sooner.  Because your rep for being an offensive guru is taking a bigger beating than your quarterback did a last night.

I’m not saying you had Joe Montana or Steve Young waiting in the wings.

I’m saying you had Blaine freaking Gabbert under center. And you had them all night long. You’re not in Eugene anymore and you clearly do not have the schematic advantage at this level that you seem to think you do. And if you don’t want to lose that locker room, if you haven’t already, you better give the ball to Kaepernick.

Something you should have done already.


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