Need to start the day by reaching out to Cleveland…

Browns fan; I did tell you not to go to the Browns game Sunday. That I’m not here to dog you or to hate, I’m here to help. And to remind you that Tom Brady is not only arguably the best quarterback ever, he is without question, the most bitter athlete walking the planet right now.

This was already a cat with one of the biggest chips on his shoulder ever; this dude is still running on the premium fuel of being disrespected in college… and high school, hell probably in kindergarten.

You don’t run around eating avocado ice cream unless you truly believe the rest of the world is out to get you and that you’ve got a little something for them.

Well, now thanks to Deflategate, he’s got something for everyone, starting with Goodell. And then the Browns. And then everyone else on the schedule. He might be the best; and I know he’s the most pissed ever. So just stay home C-town: save your money, don’t waste your time. It’s going to go terribly and hurt even worse.

Now, having said that: I hope you went to the Indians game last night as I told you, you should. That was brilliant. That Game 1 win over Boston was huge. And reason why Terry Francona is a genius. He knows how to manage in the postseason. He knows the Game 1 winner in a best of five series wins 70 percent of the time. And that’s why he’s the anti-Showalter.

Buck, who was in a single game elimination format, emptied his bullpen without even getting to his best pitcher. Francona went to his best reliever, Andrew Miller, and he did it in the fifth inning! And had him make a season high 40 pitches. And then he went to his second best reliever, Cody Allen, and had him throw 40 pitches, also a season high.

Question is, what happens if he needs either or both in Game 2? I really don’t know. But I do know better to win Game 1 and not know about their availability than to lose Game 1 at home and guarantee their availability. Tito did the right thing. Had to win Game 1 in his place and was going to anything and everything he could to get it done.

Buck Showalter is going to have to live the rest of his life knowing he lost a wildcard game without ever going to his best pitcher. Francona clearly will never have that type of regret. I don’t know what he’ll do tomorrow, but I do know he won the day; and he did the right thing. It’s October. You have to manage to win the game you’re playing. Then you figure out what happens next. Tito said it himself, priority, win the game we’re playing, then we’ll reassess and figure out where to do from there.

And now the Sox give the ball to David Price, one of the game’s best. But a guy, who inexplicably has struggled mightily in the playoffs. I really have idea why that is. Just like I have no idea why a guy as filthy as Clayton Kershaw hasn’t fared better than he has in the postseason. But if I’m the Dodgers, I feel great about giving the ball to him in Game 1. And if I’m the Sox I can’t’ wait to give to Price in Game 2, regardless of what he’s done in the postseason previously. I trust Price in this spot. And I know the Red Sox do, or they would have committed the stacks of cash to him that they have. I know his teammates do, because I hear the way they talk about him. But I also know they need him to step big in Game 2. And he needs it for himself. This is one of the biggest starts of his career; he has to deliver one of the biggest games of his entire career.


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