Tired as it may be, but I just have to say… how bout them Cowboys?!? How bout them, Jimmah!!

They cold-cocked the Bengals to go to 4 and 1 on the season. And this was supposed to be the game where rookie Dak Prescott got his come-uppance. Where he finally bumped against a defense that gets after the quarterback and hurries and hassles into his first pick or three of the season. Eehhhh!!

Prescott was cool as hell once again, setting the rookie record most consecutive passes without a pick. And again played heady, mistake free football, going 18-24, 227 yards, a t.d. and a passer rating of 117.9. And he ran for a  t.d. and it’s setting up a really interesting dynamic for when Tony Romo comes back.

When Romo went down, the original thinking was, the season’s over before it even started. But then you see how well Prescott handled himself in the preseason, and then you think, maybe, just maybe, he can keep the bus on the road, and possibly hand over a competitive team to Romo when he comes back and they make run at it late. Then, as Prescott is playing better and better, you think, hell, dude is going to give Romo a winning team when he comes back and Dallas may have found their q.b. of the future. Now, watching him, I’m not sure Romo ever makes it back.

And don’t tell me guys don’t lose their job to injury. Of course they do. All the time and they should.

If the guy who stepped in is winning games, has the team rallying around him and gives them a better chance to win. They keep the job. And that’s how it’s starting to look with Prescott in Dallas.

Because if this guy continues to play the way he is, and they keep reeling off W’s, there’s no way he’s coming off the field. There’s no way they go back to 36-year old, Tony Romo.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And the only thing broke here, is Romo’s back… If Dak continues to play the way he has, this is not going to be a tough call. It’ll be Dak’s team.

But given his relationship with Romo, you know Jerry Jones will make it way tougher than it needs to be.


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