Browns fans, did I or did I not tell you to stay home yesterday? That going to see Tom Brady carve you was going to be the biggest waste of your time and money ever? That you should be saving yourself for the Indians’ playoff push and for the start of the Cavaliers title defense? And did you listen to me? I hope so.

Because that Patriots-Browns game was much more of a castrophe than even I could have anticipated. Because Tom Brady began his shove it up the NFL and Commissioner’s backside, tour, exactly how you would have expected him to. By lighting those chumps up.

A testament to how dedicated this guy really is. Or, how really bad the Browns are. Probably both.

Because Brady didn’t have any rust to knock off. Rust?! Hell, this guy has never looked better than he did yesterday. And for a guy who still plays with a bigger chip on his shoulder than anyone, he’s never been more motivated. And that has to scare the hell out of every other team in the AFC.

Because make no mistake, the Pats are the class of that conference; and the team to beat. Especially after Atlanta went into Denver and slapped the Broncos.

And remind me again, was that supposed to be some sort of punishment Roger Goodell dropped on Brady and the Pats? Was that supposed to hurt the player and the team?  Because it didn’t. They’re 4-1, look great, are in a tremendous spot, and you have a 39 year old q.b., still at the top of his game who was able to save 4 games of wear and tear on his body.

The Pats may have felt like they were jammed hard by the commissioner, but they’re laughing now. And the only thing funnier than that, would be Goodell having to hand the Lombardi Trophy over to Brady at the end of the season.

Right now, they’re the best team in football. Better than last year’s 12-4 squad already, but not as good as they’re going to be. They’re better defensively than they were last year. Gronk is back, had a big day yesterday, and is only going to get more dominant as he gets healthier. And when defenses inevitably focus on slowing him down, Brady can just go to his other tight end Martellus Bennett who had 3 t.d.s’ yesterday!

Combine those two with Brady’s speedy wideouts, and once again the Patriots are a matchup nightmare; and obviously, if there’s a mismatch, you know Brady is going to exploit it.

In short, that game was every bit as crappy as we thought it would be, if not worse. And the Pats are every bit who we thought they were. If not better. I’m not saying we crown their ass right now. But I am saying it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we did in February.



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