And sure, it was pretty unusual to see Cubs manager Joe Maddon ask his closer Aroldis Chapman to get six outs. That’s something Maddon ordinarily would not do. But you could see where he wanted his best arm out there in the most critical moments of the game. I see the guy working.

Unfortunately, he asked him to get six and he only got one. And Conor Gillaspie went absolute legend on him.


Thing about Chapman is this. Sure he’s a freak; and you’re not going to find anyone else who’s going to run it up there 102 plus. However, there are plenty of other guys who deal in heat. In fact, almost everyone does now.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter how hard guys throw; let big league hitters see it a couple of times, and they’re able to track it and adjust to it. So whereas Chapman is a freak who can 102, it used to look like 202. But not anymore.

That said Gillaspie hadn’t seen him a few times. In fact, that was his first at-bat against Chapman ever. Lefty on left, dude dealing 100 plus, facing elimination, and Gillaspie turns on one. An unbelievable at-bat from an extremely underrated guy, who can flat out hit.

That truly was an amazing postseason moment. Funny thing about major league baseball; it may be a long, boring, season, but it has a way of showing up when it has to. Hook em with a great wildcard game, and then keep them coming back for more with an amazing post-game like this.


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