Clay Matthews

Info & Stats:  Green Bay Packers Outside Linebacker

All Topics: This seasons defense is one of the best he’s played on | Run defense | 2nd best through four games during the Super Bowl Era | Julius Peppers having a chip on his shoulder | Team offense having unreal expectations | NFL Investigation over PED report allegations | The NFL doing their job in the investigation but you sometimes you have to look at the non-credible source

Oct 11th 2016

Clay on Malik Jackson’s 818 tat on his abs: “He took it to another level.”


Jan 29th 2016

All Topics: Team Rice for the Pro Bowl | Pro Bowl bar tabs | Hanging with teammates | Sticking rookies with tabs at the Pro Bowl | Playoff loss to Arizona | Aaron Rodgers’ late play |

Clay on Pro Bowl squad Team Rice: “We’re looking strong.”


Jun 3rd 2015

All Topics: Has two movies in theatres right now | Summer of Clay | Season ending loss in Seattle | Hasn’t thought about the loss in Seattle at all | B. J. Raji coming back | Playing inside linebacker | Considers himself an outside linebacker | Outside vs. Inside comparison | Closing in on his dad’s NFL sack total | His family | ATH | Patent ATH | Agoura vs. Calabasas | Lives in Calabasas now | Singing bootylicious

Clay on the way last season ended in Seattle: “It hasn’t crept into our minds once.”


July 29th 2013

All Topics: Off-season | Spent some time in the 818 | Signing an extension with the team | He’s the face of defense | Losing Charles Woodson | Other players needing to step up to the challenge | Young guys needing to step up | The defense taking a lot of heat the past few seasons | Soft defense? | Doesn’t agree with Kaepernick saying he heard their D bickering at each other during playoff loss | Get SF in the first week | Needing to be more aggressive against SF | Player injuries already in Training Camp | Adrian Peterson bouncing back quickly | Athletes thinking they’re invincible | Jennings comments about Rodgers | We know how much Rodgers means to us | Aaron’s memory | The Bieber stuff in our neighborhoods |

Claymaker on if he’s now the face of the defense:  “Absolutely, I think so.”


Jan 2nd 2013

Topics: Losing to the Minnesota Vikings | Teams health | Charles Woodson coming back this weekend | It would have been nice to have a week off | Needing to take the long road to the Super Bowl again | Adrian Peterson’s game against them | Adrian’s vision | No doubt he would give the MVP to Peterson | Peterson is on another level | Woodson giving the defense another play maker | 15-1 last season | Thinks this team is better than last year’s team | Blocking below the waste | Chop blocks | Needing to turn it up a bit | Trying to get another ring |

Clay on trying to stop Adrian Peterson this weekend: “Hopefully the 3rd time’s a charm.”


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