I tweeted it last night: Cavs win it all. Tribe punks the BoSox. C-town’s no mistake by the lake!! Look at Terry Francona and the Indians picking up the Browns and the rest of city by going right through the Red Sox. I see you, tribe. I see you!

I didn’t think it was possible for Cleveland to quietly sweep the Red Sox, but that’s exactly what they did. Big Papi ripped a chunk of the spotlight for his farewell…and much of the baseball world has been lasered in on the alleged best team in the bigs, the Cubs, looking to snap their 800 year championship drought.

In the meantime, the Indians roll right over the Sox.

And now would be a good time for the Sox to remind me why they let Terry Francona go when he won them rings?! Tito is the last guy in the world to make it about himself. So I’ll do it for him. How sweet must that have it felt to smash the Red Sox and advance after they did break him off. And to reward the Indians for having the faith in him that Boston no longer did.

Francona is unbelievable manager and dude, and I couldn’t be happier for him. And for you C-town: freaking C-town: first the Cavs, and now the tribe. Four wins from getting back to the World Series.

C-town, suddenly, no longer the butt of stupid jokes from people who have never been to that town and have no idea what the people there are all about… suddenly did I say, the city of champions!??!?

Last we saw the tribe in this position, Man Ram, Jim Thome and Omar Vizquel were doing their thing: this crew is this close to joining the likes of those Cleveland legends.

Cleveland!! This is for you!! Four more wins. Just four more wins!!


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