I’ll say it again, what I said when the Giants shocked the Mets in the Wildcard game: this is not an even year thing; it’s a Giants thing. This is who these guys are and what they do.

They’re absolute grinders. With experience. Postseason experience. The big stage experience. They’re off the chart with the all the intangibles; and sometimes, often times, that’s more important than just pure talent and stuff. Because the Cubs definitely have more of that than the Giants. Considerably more.

Yet here we are. Here we bleeping are.

So, how do you explain the Giants doing this over and over again? They’ve got crazy heart. And they’re tough as hell. And if you don’t choke them out, if you don’t finish them, when you have the chance, it will come back to bite you. Because this time of year, they come back on everyone. And you never know who’s going to step up. Que: Conor Gillaspie.

You cannot let these guys hang around. And on a night when Madbum is mortal; when he’s giving up a bomb to the opposing pitcher, that’s the night you have to drive a stake through that vampire. Because if you don’t, it will come back to bite you. And it did.

They should have finished them when they had the chance and got the hell out of there. But they didn’t and now we have a series; the Giants have all their swagger and mojo and the Cubs lost a chunk of theirs.


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